October 23, 2022

10 Methods To Increase Productivity Using Technology

At first, one may think that smartphones, other devices, and the internet can only distract employees from their job duties. Still, these instruments can be on the contrary very useful for workers.

If a businessman utilizes these tools properly, they will assist his business to simply and fast achieve the set goals. Thus, let's consider in what ways technology increases productivity in the workplace.

Consider Group Chats
Do you have an idea of what impact miscommunication and inefficient communication among workers can have on your business? According to research, a small company that includes approximately 100 workers can lose nearly $420,000 per year because of misunderstandings among employees.

To avoid this, you can take advantage of the technology of group messaging and group chat. It will assist in improving communication efficiency and productivity of workers greatly. With these instruments, you can forget about sending old-fashioned emails. Nowadays, all urgent questions can be responded to instantly. The best part is that many group messaging apps offer both desktop and mobile versions for users.

Replace Huge Office Machines
One of the best ways of technology for productivity increase is by using special applications that can replace huge machines. For example, a PDF scanner app is exactly one of these handy instruments. Having a scanner tool installed on your smartphone, there is no need to hasten to the office to make, send, or receive scans via machine. The entire scanning process can be carried out by an easy-to-use app scanner.

Utilizing the camera of your smartphone, the application will process any type of paper enabling you to convert it later in any convenient format starting from pdf to docs. The highest quality of ready images of all docs is guaranteed. The app scan tool will surely be your pocket helper if you work with a large number of documents and papers.

Conduct Productive Brainstorming Sessions
Brainstorming can assist your company to discuss new ideas, solving existing problems, and creating something new. But how can technology improve productivity in this case?

For example, note-taking technology can boost collaboration among employees and improve workplace productivity. Every team member can have access to these tools across various devices. That's why it becomes possible to collaborate and conduct brainstorming sessions no matter the staff location.

Make Small Routine Tasks Easier
Every employee does small tasks every day. As a rule, workers do not even pay attention to how much time it takes to do a certain task. Luckily, technology will be useful in making these tasks simpler. The above-discussed app scan tool can save the time of employees enabling them to make and send scans from any place at any time.

Also, if your staff shares systems and files that are protected by certain passwords, a good idea is to use password management tools. Such instruments can provide your team members with access to the things they require without the necessity to notify them of the actual password. Aside from data security increases, employees' time will be saved as well since they do not bother others in order to receive the info they require.

Automate Time Tracking
If your team still utilizes time cards to clock in, you should obligatorily make time tracking automated. The value of technology for productivity, in this case, is that you can lower the probability for your staff to commit time theft. Also, you can save time for HR managers who verify time entries manually.

Ensure Unhindered Project Management
As a rule, poor project management can lead to productivity leaks in any business. To avoid this, various project management applications can be used as technology making us more productive. Every team member will be aware of his/her set duties and what he/she should work on.

Forget about Manual File Sharing
Sharing files is one of the most common tasks employees carry out daily. Using file-sharing technology, for example, Dropbox will be a better idea rather than waiting for your team member to send all docs in a few hours. Such tools also enable tracking the history of changes that were implemented in documents. File-sharing instruments support files of different types from pdf to docs.

Expand Opportunities for Self-Service
Your team members are capable of doing a lot of things on their own. With the assistance of technology, you will have the possibility to customize self-service platforms where your staff can perform definite tasks on their own rather than ask and bother other employees in the office. This is how technology increases productivity and improves the daily efficiency of your personnel in the workplace.

Ensure Better Concentration
Aside from technology making us more productive by assisting us with many tasks, it enables employees to be more focused and work longer without interruptions. That's why it is necessary to select proper pieces of technology that correspond to your existing business processes, work processes, and culture.

Employee Engagement Increase
Did you have a representation that employee engagement positively influences work productivity and output? How can technology improve productivity by increasing worker engagement? There are many employee engagement tools and instruments that can enable you to send out pulse surveys, simplify peer-to-peer recognition, and open anonymous feedback channels.

Technology can simplify the lives of people in various ways. Employees, for example, can take advantage of using technology at their workplace as well.

Since technology is constantly evolving, more and more instruments appear to assist businesses in improving the productivity of their staff. After you familiarize yourself with ways to increase productivity utilizing technology, you will ensure that investments in these tools are worth it and will be paid off without a doubt.

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