October 17, 2012

101 Most Popular Blogs in Lebanon According to 2Famous.tv and NGNO is Part of IT

2famous presents a survey of the 101 most popular blogs in Lebanon, complete with reviews and even three different ranking systems.

"We’ve spent days and nights researching, coding, compiling, and writing to make this list complete and flawless. While working, we noticed patterns we think are important. Here’s our take in a series of short points: • Activists and political commentators dominate the Lebanese blogosphere. • Foodblogs as an entire group also dominate and have the tightest design, best writing, and most professional feel. • Humor, sarcasm, and entertaining writing are nowhere to be found in general with very few exceptions. • As opposed to the rest of the world, teenage blogs are pretty absent in Lebanon. • More and more blogs are done by teams, like 2Famous.TV, Karl reMarks.com and Brofesional review." NoGarlicNoOnions is part of the list and I would like to thank  2famous.tv team for that and congratulate them on the great coding; It's a hell of a job, bravo. They described the website in a way that made me laugh hard. Interesting how people see the site... I never realized it was seen like that. Interesting!

"A food blog written by passionate foodie who works as a dentist. He’s based in Beirut but blogs about his adventures all around the world. We can tell he’s got a high budget because it’s not like we are going to any of the places around town that he’s reviewing, except for Frosty Palace which is in our neighbourhood but a place that’s so expensive we had to SPLIT a shake and a burger. I mean he didn’t even mention that the burger was $20. Hello, that aint no diner prices bro. Obvi his audience is the people who hang out in the souks/blow their dough on expensive eats. But he’s always sharing some cool and innovative cooking gadgets and we dig that."

 You can vote for me on www.2famous.tv/bloglist/
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