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2013: Best Italian Pizza in Lebanon

Italian food has always been a favorite in Lebanon. 2013 witnessed a boom of new Italian restaurants, where pizza-making has become an art - the dough, the crust, time of cooking, ingredients used.... and more... It's not as simple as you think... While some places are new, there still remains other older spots making fine pizzas in town...

Here's my roundup...

NoGarlicNoOnions_Top10_Restaurant_Reviews_Lebanon Tavolina: Back for the Pizza and More

I was recently welcomed as a new member of the Academia Italiana Della Cucina with a lunch at Tavolina that gathered all members of the Lebanese chapter. Even though I’ve been to Tavolina a few weeks earlier, the enthusiasm of having some of their tasty pizzas and past was still high. A bit about Academia »more… Tavolina_NoGarlicNoOnions74

Your Reason to Visit Bickfaya: Bottega the Italian Eatery

The reasons to visit Bottega are endless. Bottega is an intimate Italian restaurant located in one of Lebanon’s mountainous suburbs, offering amazingly memorable food including their exquisite fresh mushroom soup, artfully created pizzas, Aldente pastas, mouthwatering desserts, enjoyable music and ambiance… Bottega is one of those places you may have passed by several times but »more… Bottega_Italian_Restaurant_Bickfaya57 Olio Gemmayze: Pizza, Gnocchi, Risotto, Focaccia… All Tasty
Olio is one of the first places to open on popular Gemmayze street in 2005 which then expanded nationally in just a few years with a menu that’s rich with Italian specialties. Olio became a favourite place for many – but the original restaurant on Gemmayze still stands out. Walk into a cozy set up»more… Olio_Gemmayze_Beirut_Italian_Restaurant48 Margherita: Pizzeria Del Quartiere Dal 1959

Because we are all attached to our neighbourhood and that we like to live in a warm and welcome environment, we all simply fall in love with Margherita. Margherita is not only one of the best pizzerias in town, it is also a place where people like to spend time with friends and family, meeting neighbours, discussing the everyday life around tasteful Antipasti, Zuppe, Pizze and Dolce that make us travel instantly to Italy»more… Margherita_Pizzeria_Dbayeh_Blueberry_Square68 Let’s Head South… SUD, Mar Mikhael

You’ve been reading my reviews about La Cour Saint Michel, an idea I have found to be extraordinary on so many levels. One of today’s hot spots, houses a bakery, three restaurants and a great ambiance all combined around a middle court in the heart of  soho’esque Mar Mikhael. With a variety of cuisines and choices »more… Sud_Mar_Mikhael_Restaurant_Beirut54
Napoletana: Italy in the Neighbourhood Since 2005
After visiting Napoletana in City Mall and keeping a very positive impression, it was time for me to visit the ABC branch. Napoletana, like many say serves one of the best Pizzas Lebanon has experienced in years… and it is true. Located on the highest floor of the ABC Dbayeh mall, Napoletana, another great concept »more… Napoletana_ABC_Dbayeh54 The Peninsula: An Italian Country House in Dbayeh
The Peninsula, Italian restaurant in Dbayeh is one of those places we tend to forget sometimes, only because several other Italians have opened around town and maybe in more convenient places like malls or closer to Beirut. The food is good, the location and whole set up is fresh, a perfect spot for a Sunday »more… Peninsula_Italian_Restaurant_Dbayel_Lebanon48 Pizza Nonna: Wood Baked, Crunchy and Rich
Celebrating NGNO’s winning at the Social Media Awards, my friends I decided to have a fine dinner somewhere in Beirut. I’ve had enough of burgers lately so I thought why not have a tasty and crunchy Italian pizza. I have been hearing a lot about Pizza Nonna, the “a la mode place” of the moment… »more… Nonna_Pizzeria_Restaurant_Monot45
The Gathering: The Italian Cookery
A casual Italian Trattoria in a beautiful setting. Entering The Gathering’s gate, you’re welcome with now popular icon of the concept -the olive tree – you reach a blue door with a sign: The Italian Cookery. The waiters are very polite and welcoming making sure your first impression is a 10/10. After being seated, a »more…


Cafe Mondo at the Phoenicia InterContinental, Beirut The greatest Salad bar in town is found here. A casual and fashionable young Italian restaurant located at the ground floor of the Phoenicia Hotel, Cafe Mondo offers a wide variety of pizza and pasta in addition to the daily specials. The quality has been the same for the last decade and we really enjoy »more…

Cafe Mondo Phoenicia






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