February 10, 2016

2015: Best Sandwich in Lebanon
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Sandwiches and wraps are stepping up their game everywhere we go.

What started ages ago as a portable food item or finger food has grown to become a popular food item worldwide and is found in various versions, with various fillings, shapes, sizes… the possibilities are endless. 

Let’s take a tour around the country’s finest and tastiest wraps and sandwiches from across all corners of the country. Each one is worth trying – let us see why.

Abo Jad: The Sandwich Poet

He is indeed special, special on all fronts, he is a man with principles, a man who refuses to sell French fries, who believes in freshness and good taste, a chef who creates amazing sandwiches. His name is Abo Jad king of a restaurant without a sign up on the road in Aley. Abo Jad has been known to support Germany which is clearly seen everywhere, and to create sandwiches with special names including "Shil w Mashi" or "Ma Ter7am". Don't miss the 7-1 a sandwich to tease Brazilian fans. You can even check this fake page on facebook claiming he now supports Brazil. Abo Jad welcomes you into his home, a small shop where two men help him. Try the roast beef or the chicken with its juicy feel and tender heart. Don't miss the special shawarma, which can change every day, while sitting at the bar and discussing the story behind every sandwich with Abo Jad.

Abou Jad

J.Makhlouf: The Sandwich King

His name is Walid Makhlouf and he is the most unconventional restaurateur ever. He is the man standing behind his shining counter rolling a sandwich at a time, a smile on his face, happy to serve his clientele who come here for an experience, not only a sandwich.

He is Walid Makhlouf son of Joseph (J.Makhlouf), the cleanest of chefs, enjoying his time down on Bourj Hammoud in a small shop two men can barely fit in. The grill is as bright as a mirror, he cleans and cleans again by the second. Speedy, sandwiches are delivered so quickly you don't have time to think.

Walid is a music lover as well. Jazz tunes play in the background adding fun and enjoyment to the place. Want to be sure of the cleanliness, ask to see the kitchen.


Woodbees: Tackling Sandwiches from Another Perspective

Woodbees is an interesting name and its structure is definitely eye catching as you drive through theZalka highway... Wait until you've set foot inside this immense space. Fresh air, an olive tree, white ceramics covering the floor and lots of wood. It is indeed smaller than it looks on the outside but enough to sooth your senses, making you feel like you're having lunch in a garden, or maybe a tropical forest. The menu is different, offering a choice of sandwiches no restaurant has managed to blend together. Sides include truffle fries, meat sandwiches include soujok and kebab. Angus burger and frankfurter. The specials are classics, raclette, Bresaola, prosciutto, Parma ham and Comte cheese. A variety of chicken, salmon, fajita. Halloumi falafel. The salads are very generous, the desserts mouthwatering.


Halloum and Bacon at Zaatar w Zeit

Mouthwatering halloumi cheese and bacon topped with tomatoes and mayo served on sun-dried tomato dough. Even though this sandwich is over priced, I can say that it's an award winning creation filled with passionate ingredients. Sun-dried tomato bread wrapped around little cubes of grilled crunchy bacon mixed and unsalted halloumi and fine slices of tomatoes. Perfect. Yes, I am a fan since the early days and will always be.

ZaatarwZeit Halloum Bacon

Lobster Roll at Brgr.Co Beirut

Brgr.Co's lobster rolls are generously filled with pure lobster. Blended with premium mayonnaise and a subtle touch of spices, this roll is a must try. A small sandwich of around 15 centimeters, cut along the sides to eliminate the round edges, carefully buttered and grilled, before being cut down the middle and filled to the top. Crunchy, juicy and flavorful mix of mayonnaise, pepper blend, paprika and lemon zest... A slight crunch of celery, chives decorating the top and here you are in front of a luxurious sandwich.

Brgr.Co Lobster NoGarlicNoOnions

Pork Wrap at El Mexicano Faraya

Extravagant to say the least. What an amazing sandwich. Tender thin wrap, non chewy but well combined filled with fine pork alongside lettuce, thinly sliced tomatoes, radish and a homemade sauce. The combination makes all the difference. Spicy, extremely spicy in fact… the hot sensation from the jalapeños and mustard sauce erupts in the mid way through the experience and fades out before swallowing; that's the jalapeños and mustard sauce.

El Mexicano NoGarlicNoOnions

Sloppy Joe at Sandwiched Jounieh

It is great, although not your typical American Sloppy Joe famous for its load of minced beef and tender sandwich. The Sloppy Joe at Sandwiched is square shaped and filled with a large piece of hamburger patty that covers the whole bread along with cheddar cheese, and loads of it, crispy bacon and caramelized onions. The barbecue sauce adds sweetness to the flavor.

Sloppy Joe Sandwiched NoGarlicNoOnions

Tabliet Chicken Tawouk at Massaad Barbecue Zahle

Ask for a chicken sandwich and you’ll receive, on a wooden board, a sandwich marinated in his special recipe, covered with sesame and cut into bite sized pieces, hummus, garlic paste, French fries, coleslaw, with cucumber and beetroot pickles. This sandwich contains premium chicken, marinated to perfection. A nice lemony note is enjoyable and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. The sandwich is then toasted, brushed with the signature marinade, which is followed by a sesame shower. On the side, a generous portion of hummus and another of coleslaw salad is accompanied by thick French fries and pickles. 

Tawouk Massaad NoGarlicNoOnions

Shawarma at Joseph Sin el Fil

Two layers of thin and fresh pita bread wrapped around a generous portion of premium quality meat or chicken shawarma, alongside accompaniments which include lettuce, pickles and fries in the chicken and parsley with tarator for the meat. A thick 8 centimeters in diameter, the sandwiches are fulfilling but don’t leave you feeling heavy. It’s neat and tasty. This sandwich is really unique. 

Joseph Meat Shawarma NoGarlicNoOnions

Falafel at Sahyoun Beirut

You may know falafel as the typical street sandwich that is heavy and wrapped in thick pita bread, loaded with vegetables. Considered one of the cheapest sandwiches in Beirut, the ones at Sahyoun are different. Instead, falafel sandwiches at Sahyoun are filled with light airy deep fried flavorful falafel, every fava bean mixed in each ball is enjoyed... add to that some freshly cut tomatoes, radishes and a mix of parsley and mint topped with a line of tarator sauce. Heaven. Trust me it’s like nothing you have tried before. An enjoyable crunch of wonders with every bite. I'm not being able to put my feelings into words. And of course the best part is the falafel, simple falafel that put a smile on my face. 

Falafel Sahyoun NoGarlicNoOnions

Kafta at Hajj Nasr Achrafieh

Hanna grabs a chunk of Kafta and spreads it on a double layer of bread which then enters a toaster, as is, to be cooked. A few minutes later, mayonnaise, tomato and pickles are added before rolling the sandwich and delivering it to the customer. This sandwich’s taste is unique reflecting what real street food it is. Even though fatty, oily and spicy, this sandwich is a famous talk of town.

Kafta Hajj Nasr NoGarlicNoOnions

Chicken Sandwich at Le Gourmet Bickfaya

Le Gourmet is known as the first place to introduce tasty chicken sandwiches in French bread instead of the Lebanese pita bread. Simple, yet consistent the trend spread fast around the country. People came to try Le Gourmet's chicken sandwiches: French bread, a generous quantity of chicken, pickles and mayonnaise.

Le Gourmet Bickfaya

Al Sayad: Tripoli's Famous Fish Sandwich

Fresh grilled fish, spicy fish, fried mini Bizri fish, batrakh, calamari and octopus are on the menu... the prices vary on a daily basis according to availability. The owner being a bit old, sits outside while one tireless man rolls those tasty sandwiches. Two layers of bread, vegetables, fresh fish caught the same day, lemon juice and salt. The simplicity behind those sandwiches make them what they are: Special and tasty. A one door shop decorated with treasures from the sea where a single menu welcomes you. No sophistication and no complication, you are offered the catch of the day.


3al Barakeh: Markouk Sandwiches Made With Love

The formula is simple yet innovative. Al Khal prepares his own markouk bread that he keeps at a certain thickness that doesn't break if rolled into a sandwich. You have to see how he massages it and caresses it, putting into it some passionate spells... The dough first goes on the saj to be slightly cooked... Afterwards, he fills it with rich ingredients, adds the needed seasoning, some freshly cut vegetables and sends it back and put it back on the saj to be cooked then rolled in style - and the outcome are large 30cm sandwiches that will satisfy any craving.

3al Barakeh Mazraat Yachouh

Roast Beef Sandwich at Bash Ahmad Saida

Bash Ahmad, located a few meters away from Sahat el Nejmeh in Saida, is the cleanest and freshest place I have visited lately. For over 25 years ago, Bash Ahmad welcomes you into an air-conditioned and impeccably clean space. Try their famous roast beef sandwich. It’s nothing like you have ever tasted before. Shredded meat filled in fresh French bread that's so tender, slinky and toasted on the outside. Tomato, pickles and mayonnaise will just make your mouth water. 

Bash Ahmad NoGarlicNoOnions

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