August 23, 2015

2015: Make a Difference the Way You Believe In. "We Are Life, We Are Hope"

Today we protest against the garbage politicians... Nobody will stop Lebanon from flourishing...

Ever since I was a university student I learned to understand that people are different. What I think is right may not seem that way to others and it is that same difference that make up the world... Bottom line what you do should reflect what you believe in and not what others tell you is right! 

I received messages and emails from people telling me to stop posting images of food, to stop showing that some people are having fun while others are fighting for the people's rights! Kudos to those who are screaming out the pain we are all enduring on a daily basis in Lebanon... But my point here is to say that we all express this pain differently, we all seek change differently... As for me, what I do daily to show the world the other side of our Lebanon is my way of making a change. 

I took a personal initiative years ago to take matters into my own hands... To show people what we are really about, through our culture, beautiful traditions, tasty dishes, traveling to all the different towns and villages that have been long forgotten to shed some light on what individuals are doing on a daily basis to survive and keep things sane and together! 

I repeat that this is a personal initiative and no one is paying for it. It's how I decided to make a change, to make a difference and more so to create a kind of peace of mind somehow somewhere...

Believe it or not, through the 'Mechwar' videos I have been able to attract people to come visit our beautiful Lebanon... Yes, we received calls and emails stating this fact… hundreds have come to our souks from the four corners of the world, and this to makes me believe more in what I am doing. 

No two people are the same! No one can tell you what and what not to believe in... No one should tell you that what you are doing to make a difference is right or wrong! 

Today, waiting for my go live on air at 11am, the show was interrupted by the Prime Minister speech. I was positively shocked and amazed by the words he used and the way he stated facts as they are. The Lebanon I remember has never known a politician as clean and strong as this man who’s trying hard to make a difference with the little power that’s been given him. Us, each individually must be that difference not only shouting to make a difference, but acting towards a positive move to keep Lebanon flourishing.

If you choose to go down to protest do so because you believe is the right thing to do for your country and not because people tell you to do so… Please be aware of those dirty politicians and those cheap media channels, simply be independent. Believe in the change you want to create and make it happen however way you see right without violence, without attacking others and without chaos... And let others do the same in their own way… It saddens me to see on local televisions a live broadcast inciting people to create chaos not simply stating facts and showing the peaceful protests.
When the garbage problem started, I only wanted it to be solved internally without pushing tourists away, our only way of income. How would a photo on Instagram or Facebook be of a difference? Do you think your politician cares about social media? If one has a problem at home, he solves it at home keeping a clean image of the household in front of the neighbours… Please stop torturing our country, the land of our ancestors… what used to be the center of the world...

True a great deal of politicians only work to fill their own pockets, true most of them care less about what you and I think as long as they are in power... But there are those who have been working hard to make a change. You and I know that and sometimes matters are beyond their control... But we can’t deny that there are a few good changes in Lebanon... You want them to leave the cabintet, yeah, and what happens next?

This is Lebanon and we may not be able to change things completely but as a nation we can individually make a difference in what we do… 
I will continue, a smile on my face to conquer this beautiful country, to visit each and every one of its villages, to discover its hidden gems, organize Souks to unite people around food, showing the world what we truly are… we are life, we are hope.
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