March 01, 2021

3 Ways to Earn Money from Your Travels across China

You may have always wanted to travel the length and breadth of China. And yet, you are still at home. No matter which way you look at it, there is no way you can afford a trip unless you can work at the same time.

So, what are your options? What can you do to earn money from your travels across China to justify the trip in the first place?

Well, here are 3 ways to earn money to help you pay for a trip to the destination of your dreams:

1.  Become a Personal Assistant

A persona assistant is a professional that assists an individual with personal or business tasks daily. Many celebrities or busy business people usually have one such person to help them out.

If you become a personal assistant of a busy person who travels to China regularly, then you will be required to accompany them on their trips. You may even be the one that plans for those trips.

While getting a job as a personal assistant to a high profile global traveler is difficult, the perks are undeniable. Traveling to China would be one of those benefits if your employer does a lot of business there. You should, however, be the soul of discretion. Additionally, you should be ready to be responsible for your employer’s daily schedule. Otherwise, you will not last long on such a job.

2.  Become a Translator/Interpreter

How many languages can you speak? Is one of those languages Chinese?

Maybe you took Chinese language classes for fun. Perhaps it’s because you always dreamed of visiting China. But you never thought anything would come of it.

The good news is that speaking an additional language makes you an asset. You could find work as a translator and/or interpreter.

A China-based company may be looking for people familiar with both the English and Chinese languages. Other multinationals may also be looking for people with your unique skillset. There is always room for multilingual people in the professional world.

Communication is an essential part of every business. And people who facilitate good communication are in high demand. So, think about using your knowledge of multiple languages to pay your way across China.

3.  Become a Photographer

People often say that a picture is worth a thousand words. Why not use your abilities to capture memorable moments to earn a living?

China has many beautiful scenes to offer the world. And so long as you obey the rules, you could capture those places and share them with the world.

Some of the most popular attractions whose images you can capture include the Forbidden City, the Great Wall of China, the Yellow Mountains, etc.

Giant pandas, which are China’s national treasure, are also worth immortalizing.

Photography can pay your pay across China in many ways. First, you could choose to be a freelance writer that sells photos to wildlife and travel magazines. A client may also commission you to capture images based on specified themes on behalf of their brand.

As a photographer, you can also make money selling your images through different platforms online. Every time someone buys rights to your photos, you may be able to get royalties. The commission depends on the online platform through which you sell your images. These include Getty Images, Shutterstock, Alamy, etc.

Don’t let the lack of money stop you from visiting China. Think about the kind of skills you can use to earn money as you travel. Then you can pay your way across the country. But the first order of business is to get a Chinese visa:

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