December 06, 2014

50 Reasons & 30 Wishes: Message in a Bottle

Here's a wine that will keep you chatting the whole night: 50 Reasons & 30 Wishes.  These unique bottles give you the opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine or more... with a custom message with friends, family or anyone that enjoys a glass of wine!


"Let's just imagine a wine bottle that gives you many reasons to buy it and share it with the people you like and for the reason you want. Choose a good reason to share a fine bottle of organic wine! And send a message in a bottle to friends, to your boss or even the president! We proudly present 50 Reasons & 30 Wishes, the first customizable wine bottles that encourage you to share a bottle of good wine with a personal message. Because the best way to congratulate someone is with a bottle of good wine! So, customize and enjoy!"


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