October 06, 2022

7 Must-Visit Restaurants in Austin

Texas has always been a culinary haven. For many people coming to Austin, this means that their expertise in the field of cooking can become a reality. Others seek to try their luck and open a restaurant. As this can be a dream come true for many, it can also be a tough battle to fight. Austin is a city growing by all means. It is a place where many people of different cultures and appetites meet. This booming society represents an ideal opportunity to show off your cooking and service skills and prowess. Competing against so many talented people and excellent restaurants is also very hard. In this article, we will be talking about the seven must-visit restaurants in Austin.

Restaurants in Austin

There is no doubt that there are multitudes of different restaurants which offer delicious dishes for every hungry stomach or distinguished taste. Before we discuss the specific restaurants that are worth your time and money, here are some of the foods you can encounter on your journey in Austin:

  • traditional American food
  • Mexican food
  • Japanese
  • Various fish dishes
  • French cuisine

According to experts at nogarlicnoonions.com, whichever food you prefer as an individual, you have to try and "experiment' with other types of food. This can open many different views and opinions regarding food tasting. The way these professionals prepare food can get you to be hungry even if you have just eaten.


Looking for a place to eat tacos and other spicy Mexican food? Well, look no further since this restaurant has it all, from tacos to burritos, tortillas, salads, and all the way to Nada Paloma cocktails. Don't like hot and spicy? No problem, you can always choose a dish that is wholly made just for your taste buds. The tastiest tacos in Austin have made a home here since 2019, when this restaurant was voted the best. If you are bringing your significant other for a more classy evening, order a bottle of fine wine and enjoy the romantic ambiance. 

Hestia is a must-visit restaurant in Austin

Hestia, one of the newly opened restaurants in the chain, offers diverse food to all of you out there, ready to try it all. Apart from the exquisite and excellent food, this restaurant is well-known for its fantastic connection between guests and the kitchen. Its renowned chefs work alongside the servitors to help you deliver the best eating experience you have seen. When talking about the dishes themselves, many different ones can blow you away. From Uni and cornbread, for starters, with king crabs to Parker house rolls with Formaggio. Top that with some S'mores-inspired chocolate mousse and Kakigori shaved ice, and you will be packed for two days. If you like an exquisite restaurant with excellent and unique service, you have come to the right place.

Olamaie in Austin

If you are looking for more traditional American dishes sprinkled with just a little bit of modernism, then Olamaie is the right place for you. Southern kitchen combined with some more modern flavors brings out the best taste. Dewberry Hills Farm chicken with oyster mushroom, carrot, farro, and bay laurel, or Sweet potato pone with Harbison brie, Benton's bacon, and kil't chicories are some of the best choices to go for the main dish. When it comes to desserts, try a Vanilla cake with Cocoa Barry dark chocolate, candied fennel, and vanilla ice cream. Also, don't miss out on trying their homemade biscuits.

One of the restaurant in Austin you must visit is Odd Duck

Looking for something different when it comes to your food? Well, in that case, Odd duck can be just the right spot for you. You will always be in for a surprise there since the menu can always manage to bring in something new and never seen before. For dinner, try out Grilled quail, dirty Carolina gold rice, green beans, and hot sauce butter for starters. If you still have room for more, try out the Dry-aged wagyu burger. You can also join in on a happy hour if you are more up to celebrations and good cocktails. Hey, even movers from Heavenly Moving and Storage suggest experiencing this restaurant when coming to Austin, Texas, as they aren't strangers to coming here after a long day of moving and carrying heavy furniture pieces.

Swedish Hill

More of a baking goods lover? Have no worries; make a reservation in Swedish Hill, and your dreams can come true. As one of Austin's best and most exciting bakeries, this place offers many deliciously baked goods. This fascinating mix of a bakery and a restaurant is located in Clarksville, so make sure you make a reservation. Since this is one of the must-visit restaurants in Austin, it offers Chocolate croissants, cinnamon rolls, and cakes by the slice, which are iconic foods you can buy here. Also, don't miss out on the lox and bagels if you are in for some excellent breakfast.

Otoko is a must-visit restaurant in Austin

When we are talking about Japanese food in Austin, there is no way you can skip talking about Otoko. This twelve-seat stand brings many smiles to its sushi-loving guests. This place is not a typical sushi restaurant since the owner Yoshi Okai is a big fan and lover of Bowie and Zappa. They can bring you into the cheerful and lively mood of tasting the exquisite seasonal 20-course omakase menu served there. Don't miss out on an opportunity to experience this restaurant when coming to Austin.

Emmer and Rye

One of the 7 must-visit restaurants in Austin is definitely Emmer and Rye. This superb dining experience brings many eager and hungry guests to its tables. You can go from small bites to big plates served for a multitude of people to enjoy. Make sure you don't miss out on cacio de pepe, since it is probably the best thing you have ever tasted. Top that with a glass of red wine, and you will have a marvelous evening.

Starting fresh in Austin

If all this talk about Austin's great food has urged you to reconsider your living arrangements, then you might be on the cusp of moving. Moving can be a challenging and stressful process. It can also mean a fresh and new start to many. Starting a new life in Austin can be a fun and exciting endeavor. When relocating to Austin to begin a new chapter, it can be an excellent solution to hire professional help. They can help you transition to a new life in no time. 

Most importantly, you will spend less time and money, which you can dedicate to other plans, and you will not have to take care of heavy stuff by yourself. And after you are all settled, you shouldn't hesitate to rush to one of these seven must-visit restaurants in Austin and unwind after a long and burdensome day. 

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