January 27, 2020

8 Australian Cities You Should Visit in 2020

Do you want to go to Australia for your Summer vacation? Or are you looking for a winter adventure trip? Australia gives you all the options you need. Amazingly, the climate in Australia varies so widely that you can experience various conditions and do several activities at any time and season.

In this post, we feature the eight best Aussie cities you should visit in 2020. Create a new entry on your Evernote to create the bucket list you should accomplish in 2020. We give you some of the details that will fuel your urge to visit Australia sooner than you planned. 

These eight cities are the best destinations in Australia, and you should visit at least one of them before this year ends.

1. Sydney, New South Wales



Currently, Sydney is ranked as the safest city to tour and live in when you are in Australia. It is also the largest city in population. Sydney is a hub everyone should visit if you want to experience the world-class beaches and all sorts of adventure and entertainment. Party enthusiasts prefer Sydney because it is a lively and one of the most picturesque destinations in the world.

When it comes to travel, nature inspires so many people that they can abandon everything and swarm in the parks, hiking or simply, gazing at the beauty. Sydney can satisfy your thirst for nature, which you can access either on foot or by ferry. What people do not know about Sydney is its incredible nightlife. The city knows its alcohol well and one must consider a visit to the Hunter Valley for its winery when in Sydney.

2. Melbourne, Victoria

It is only recently that Sydney overtook Melbourne as the country's safest city. Yes, Melbourne is still one of the best places to live in the world. It is also populated - if you have to know. Melbourne and Sydney alone make up to 40% of the country's population.

In case you rely mostly on public transport during your vacation, Melbourne would be a better choice compared to Sydney. Prices are also lower for most items in the market and hotels. Art and architecture are some of the fascinating features you can explore in Melbourne during your tour. The Yarra Wine valley is another tourist attraction that you must not miss out on.

3. Perth, Western Australia



Western Australia's capital is about 3, 800 km from the country's capital. Perth is also the region's largest city and the fourth largest in terms of population. Apart from being the fastest growing economy in the country, Perth is also a clean city with friendly residents. 

Overlooking the Perth CBD is the 400.6 hectares King's Park. You can go for a hike or learn history in the botanical gardens and grassland. The Geisha Bar and Bar138 are some of the top places that you may want to check out during your visit to Perth. The place is a massive attraction for coffee and alcohol lovers. You must check out the cappuccino strip for coffee in the cafes and a bottle of grappa in the clubs there.

4. Gold Coast, Queensland

Lying along the coastline, Gold Coast is a modern city with skyscrapers and buildings next to the sandy beaches and clear waters - full of the summer sun. Gold coast is an ideal destination for water sports like jet-boat riding, kayaking, and surfing. 

You can extend your trip to Fraser Island for a quiet camping night. Spend your nights on the beautiful and largest sand island in the South. I hope you will love the howling of dingoes all night.

5. Launceston, Tasmania

Although not so commonly spoken of, Launceston is a place of interest you need to try for your vacation in 2020. The Cataract Gorge is one of the main attraction sites that make the city famous. Hiking and panoramic views are some of the things to do in the Reserve. For relaxed experiences, you may want to visit The Queen Victoria Museum and learn about the region's history through art and gallery.

6. Cairns, Queensland



In case your vacation falls in winter, there is no reason to worry. Cairns is one of the places you will find pleasure exploring during winter because the city is warm throughout. Do you want to check out the Great Barrier Reef? Then you would need to make Cairns your preferred lodging city. From there, you can take a boat for around 40 minutes to explore one of nature's greatest mystery.

7. Darwin, Northern Territory

Darwin is so far to the North that you would think it is not part of Australia - because of its distance from the major cities. It is one of the calmest tour destinations to try in 2020. The tropical climate region gives nature lovers an ideal destination for their trips. But be careful, Darwin has some of the most dangerous animals. Guard yourself when touring the place, but it is a pleasant adrenaline activation center for adventure lovers.

8. Adelaide, South Australia



Unlike the other large cities in Australia, Adelaide is calmer like a country number. The city does not have so much partying like other main cities. Residents in Adelaide are also a bit older compared to those in Australia's modern cities. It is also the best proximity to Kangaroo Island, where you can meet most of the Kangaroos and Koalas. You may want to visit Adelaide if you want a relaxed environment for your trip but are afraid of the dangers in Darwin. 

Some of the activities to try in Adelaide include the shooting range and casino. Remember to book your space during the Adelaide Fringe running from February 14th to March 15th. The place is well known for its food and wine. You must check out the wine tour experience around the city. The Grange from Penfold’s is one of the most amazing wines to have come from the city and is something that you must check out. 

Summing Up

Australia is one of the top destinations for summer vacations. With so many places to choose from and numerous activities to partake, you have no limit to your imaginations. You can decide to visit any region you want, and hike, surf, kayak, party, and explore nature in your style. All you need to do is pack your travel bag, grab your passport, and set out.





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