December 21, 2017

8 Must-Have Gadgets For Conquering The Kitchen

Smoke alarms blaring on the regular. Horrified dinner guests. Zero Michelin stars. Sound like your culinary biography? Thankfully, there’s hope (even for you): these must-have kitchen tools we’ve rounded up below.

Ranging from a self-brewing coffee mug to a collapsible slicer/grater, the items on this list are guaranteed to help you assemble Instagram-worthy meals without risking life and limb.

1. This Self-Brewing Coffee Mug

For all those days you struggle to get out of bed without injecting yourself in the veins with caffeine (jk jk), the GoJoe Self-Brewing Coffee Mug is your new hero. This portable mug brews fresh coffee at the push of a button — so easy, you can do this with your eyes shut.

Buy now: Get an instant caffeine buzz for $55 off — just $69.99


2. A Space-Saving Slicer and Grater

Stop complaining about your tiny kitchen counter and use this 4-in-1 Foldable Slicer and Grater instead. Choose between coarse, fine and ribbon grates, or slices — then fold it away for easy storage.

Buy now: Buy this handy kitchen gadget for $26.99, or 59% off.


3. This Top Chef-Worthy Cutting Board 

Let’s find another time to test your knife skills; for now, just use the Koolulu Folding Cutting Board to sturdily chop away at veggies and proteins. When you’re done, simply fold it up to neatly transfer the chopped food to a bowl or dish.

Buy now: Say goodbye to nicked fingers for just $20.98, reduced from $33.56.


4. These Quirky Egg/Cookie Molds

For those days you want your breakfast to be more interesting, use these Skull & Owl Egg/Cookie Molds. Just set them into any pan, crack in two eggs, and you’re all set. And because dessert >> breakfast always, you can use them as cookie molds later.

Buy now: Get these skull and owl molds for $11.98, or 40% off.


5. The Pan You Can't Ruin

The Original Copper Pan eliminates any possibility you’ll add another item to your graveyard of blackened, ruined pans. Thanks to a mix of nonstick ceramic and copper, you can cook up dishes that slide right off this bad boy without using any oil or butter (if you want, that is).

Buy now: Get the Original Copper Pan now for $19.99, or half off. Keep in mind food can still burn, even if this pan doesn’t.


6. This Fancy Herb Mill 

Finally, you can season dishes like you actually know how to season stuff. Stuff this Herb Mill & Grinder with your favorite aromatics, give it a twist, and you’re all set.

Buy now: Start getting fancy with seasonings for $26.98, or over half off.


7. Avocado Prep Made Simple 

Only truly terrible people don’t like avocados. You’re not a terrible person, so you’ll love the Avocado Joy Slicer, which pits and slices avocados in mere seconds. This is the shortest route between you and delicious, delicious guac.

Buy now: Pay just $11.99 for fresh avocado slices faster than you can say “Taco Tuesday”.


8. An Easy Way to Jazz Up Your Olive Oil

Regular olive oil too plain for you? Clean eating doesn’t need to be basic with the OILILIO Fill & Pour Prep Tool. Fill the microwave-safe bowl with your favorite herbs or spices, then use the included silicone brush to marinate your favorite proteins. Or drizzle straight from the bowl over veggies.

Buy now: Make salads less boring for just $12.99 — nearly half off.


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