August 28, 2014 Gemmayze & Mar Mikhael Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Let's Enjoy a Luscious Breakfast at Bar Tartine

Phone Number: +961 71 466 788

Address: Mar Mikhael Main Street, Achrafieh, beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 20-30 $

I haven't been to Bar Tartine in a while now and decided to head down for a hefty breakfast before starting my day. I headed down with my family on a Monday morning to enjoy some of their luscious food served everyday, all week. The popularity of this brand has lead to the opening of their second branch in ABC Achrafieh.
In their original location in the heart of the city lies one of Beirut's hotspots - Bar Tartine - a place I enjoyed a delicious lunch but I wanted to come by to try their breakfast and boy was I happy I did that... As you walk pass the tables, a fresh breath of air caresses your cheeks encouraging you to sit outside, surrounded with a war feel that oozes from Mar Mikhael neighborhood. A very homey feel to this place - just come, sit, relax and enjoy the smooth jazz music while a basket of bread and olive oil land on the table.
The place’s relaxing architecture:
  • Bar Tartine occupies an individual house with a colorful fresh look
  • One single square room with high ceiling along few tables surrounding the restaurant
  • The main wall is covered with one high leather sofa connecting several tables together
  • A bar on the left side reminds you of European brasseries
  • 13 big white round lamps pending from the ceiling
  • 4 vintage mirrors add an authentic feel making the place look bigger at the same time
  • Chairs imported from Amsterdam – old school chairs refurbished – a unique touch that I liked
  • Leather stools at the bar only found in big European factories, used by workers to rest
  • The floor is a replication of the old Lebanese tiles with 5 different squares blending perfectly with the place
  • Five windows, connect the interior with the inner court of La Cour Saint Michel
  • Wooden square tables with black glossy feel fill in the space
  • In the far corner, a cupboard of bread reminds you that Tartine Bakery is just downstairs
  • The terrace is just great. A summer feel of freshness and colors. Covered with black sunshades, you escape Beirut’s chaos in a second
White paper place mats, black tables, relaxing leather sofas and a simple menu… in a beautiful setting where an early morning summer breeze is enjoyed… It was time to have a look at the kitchen’s potential at breakfast.
The menu:
  • Savory Breakfast (eggs divine, old timers)
  • Sweet Breakfast
  • Breakfast Special
  • Count Me In (they say sharing is caring, and at Tartine nothing beats a chat with a good friend over a delicious bite to eat. These delightful little starters are perfect for sharing between two so maybe just for one if you are feeling puckish)
  • Artisan Pizzas (Choose one of three different choices)
  • Soup Time (Three different soups)
  • All That Fresh (Garden fresh salad recipes. 9 different choices to satisfy all your cravings)
  • The Tartine Scene (The signature Tartine you will only find in our kitchen! Custom bread recipes, lovingly baked in our oven with ingredients you will fall in love with every bite. A delicious experience, down to the last crumb.)
  • The Main Act (Main dishes, burgers, fish and pasta)
  • Project Sweet Stuff (You can chose from what’s available at Tartine Bakery)
  • Drink Up
  • Soft and Juicy
  • Coffee Break
  • Tea Party
It's weird to have to encounter such slow service on a calm morning and be served by a waitress who doesn't smile often. Yes, please, smile. A customer who comes in to enjoy a good breakfast expects to be pampered in preparation for a happy day ahead. After asking for one cinnamon spice latte and one hot chocolate, we were ready to satisfy our hunger.
We ordered:
  • Egg white and spinach LBP12,000: How many times have you wished you can eat eggs without the cholesterol? Now you can with this delicious egg white and spinach mix. Scrambled whites mixed with sliced mushrooms and crunchy black olives, served next to some green salad. Eggs that are not oily and full of taste.
  • Grilled halloumi LBP11,000: What a plate! A generous portion of Halloumi filling a porcelain pan, lightly toasted on the sides and melting in style. Generous might not be enough to describe this plate which I believe can be a complete meal for lunch. The Halloumi is served with cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and black olives.
  • Labneh with faluche Zaatar LBP11,000: Faluche is a traditional bread in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region of northern France. It's a pale white bread that is soft and fairly dense. It is neither a round nor flat bread but looks somewhat like a small deflated soccer ball. Faluche is made with white flour, baker's yeast, water, a little salt and oil. Half a bun is cut in four pieces and topped with fine zaatar (thyme) that's not acidic, non oily and enjoyable to the last bit. Next to that is a mountain of Labneh with olive oil and a plate of cherry tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and black olives. Tasty and generous at the same time, I encourage you to try it.
  • Pain suisse LBP4,500: A long piece of baked puff pastry filled with baked pastry cream and chocolate bits. A fine piece of dessert but would have surely ben better if the filling is moist. Baked a bit too much, the chocolate and pastry cream and way too dry.
  • Camembert kumquat bruschettas LBP14,000: That's the queen of breakfast. Three slices of toasted bread, hard and crunchy, topped with melted cheese and covered with a fine layer of kumquat jam. To make this creation even more special, some roast almonds decorate the plate. Just imagine the textures and tastes. A crunch, a smoothness, a finesse... Sweet and sour combined in every bite that will put a smile on your face. Amazing to say the least.
  • Cheese croissant LBP4,500: The croissant served was fine but deceiving. It was nothing like the image shown on the menu which showed a beautifully stuffed croissant with lettuce and melted cheese. I was a bit disappointed. It was not heated and not decorated. Anyway, my daughter enjoyed it as is.
  • Cinnamon spice latte LBP8,500
The minuses:
  • The service was super slow on an early Monday morning. Three staff members were eating at the bar and the one was busy emptying boxes of cakes, while we, the customers, were just waiting to be served. I don't think it's a good idea to see the staff have breakfast and chat about their weekend adventures, while on duty.
The pluses:
  • Check out both menus: A white one and another black menu, both displaying the same items yet with different mouthwatering photos
  • Food is really exceptional
  • The portions are way too generous for the price paid. You will be impressed
I'll change:
  • Can I suggest you add eggs Benedict to the menu? It's an all-time favorite
My family and I enjoyed breakfast at Bar Tartine where fine bread and tasty food are served in a pleasant atmosphere. If you're planning to have an early breakfast, Bar Tartine, in the heart of the capital, is the address of choice.





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