June 01, 2012

A New Vodka Bottle Coming Soon: ABSOLUT CHERRYKRAN

Treat yourself to a delicious new flavour sensation. The new vodka from ABSOLUT offers the rich character of sun-ripe cherries, followed by notes of fresh white cranberry and sweet plum. ABSOLUT CHERRYKRAN creates something completely new and perfectly mixable.

"ABSOLUT CHERRYKRAN is something brand new in the vodka segment," says Nodjame Fouad, Global Marketing Director at The Absolut Company. "With ABSOLUT CHERRYKRAN, we've created a unique, modern flavour that brings together the richness of cherries, a smooth hint of white cranberries and the sweetness of plum in a sophisticated spirit that's ideal for mixing." The taste is fresh, fruity and smooth, with notes of ripe berries and natural sweetness. It has a warm feel, with and a long, slightly sweet finish. ABSOLUT CHERRYKRAN is made with all-natural ingredients and contains no sugar. "Making the perfect Metropolitan is just the beginning," says mixologist and Global Brand Ambassador at the Absolut Company, Matt Pomeroy. "ABSOLUT CHERRYKRAN is exceptionally good with cola, and very versatile. My favourite drink right now is what I call the ABSOLUT CHERRYKRAN KUNG FRUIT COBBLER, a sour with ABSOLUT CHERRYKRAN, sherry fino, sugar syrup and lemon juice. It's extraordinarily fresh." The bottle design for ABSOLUT CHERRYKRAN is orient-inspired, bright and poetic. "Our goal with the design," says Global Design Director Anna Kamjou, "was to convey richness and beauty, and to evoke the effervescent magic of springtime cherry blossoms." “We continue to innovate within the flavoured vodka segment," says Nodjame Fouad. "Our first forays into flavour – ABSOLUT PEPPAR and ABSOLUT CITRON ­– came at a time when no other vodka brands had experimented with flavour. We're driven by a passion to invent – to find new and exciting combinations that inspire consumers to sense the infinite possibilities of mixology.”
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