January 20, 2013

Air France: A Minutely Review

From Paris to Beirut: Air France Business Class on Boeing 777-300

I am going to say it as it is. I don’t understand how people still travel with MEA on ‘Beirut-Paris’ and ‘Paris-Beirut’ route when the prices are the same on-board Air France yet with a service that is 30 times better.  Friendly and professionally trained staff, exquisite French wines Grand Crus, a Michelin starred chef menu, »more…

From Paris to Beirut: Air France Business Class on Boeing 777-200

Recently, I have been travelling a great deal. I have tried different airlines until I rediscovered the Air France Business Class… The experience was great, and I think that Air France has its place as one of the top business classes of world airlines. Your trip in the Business cabin on Air France offers a »more…

Have You Tried the Premium Economy Class: Paris-Beirut On-board Air France?

Traveling in the Premium Economy cabin of Air France, you will enjoy additional space and superior comfort at a price suited to your personal and professional needs. At the airport and on board, Air France tries to provide everything you need to make your trip a stress-free, relaxing experience. Since the article about this section »more…

Premium Economy Class On-Board AirFrance – Have You Tried It?

Have you tried the Premium Economy Class Yet: Beirut-Paris on board Air France? The Premium Economy on-board Air France flights has been integrated a couple of years ago as a mid range luxury service between the economy and business class. Travelers receive premium service, inspired by the business class with less room space and a »more…

Air France Medium Haul Business Class, Paris-Tunis

This winter in its medium-haul network, Air France introduces an inflight catering to its business travelers which has totally been revisited and inspired by its long-haul service, with an enhanced comfort in both Business and Premium Economy. But is it the same? The pluses compared to the Economy class: More individual space on-board thanks to»more…

Paris Charles de Gaulle, Terminal 2E, Hall K, Business Lounge

After reviewing the business lounge of “Hall L” just a couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to experience what “Hall K” of terminal E has to offer. I personally preferred this one. K Lounge oozes the same Air France spirit which is felt in all it’s Halls, with minor yet positive differences. I »more…

Paris Charles de Gaulle, Terminal 2E, Hall L, Business Lounge

I often research about the lounge I will be stopping at before getting there. It’s always good to have an idea of what to expect before reaching my destination. I tried to do the same for Terminal 2E Lounge in Charles de Gaulle Airport but I was unable to find a single piece of information »more…

CDG: Air France Business Lounge Terminal 2C

Like the 2F we have been used to for the last couple of years, the 2C Business Lounge of The Charles De Gaulle Airport is the same but smaller giving it the feeling of more intimacy. Although, the 2C Terminal is much better than the very old 2F; the welcoming, colors, shopping area are all »more…

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Have You Tried the Premium Economy Class: Paris-Beirut On-board Air France?


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