May 03, 2017 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Al Daoukieh: A Dessert to Try Before you Die
Sweet Tooth Authentic & Traditional

Back again. The last time I went to Al Daouk, I had been craving Daoukieh, one of their specialty sweets that has seriously left a mark on my taste buds. I am here again to enjoy more of it... Yes, it's that good...

Al Daoukieh's success has driven other oriental sweet shops to create something similar; for example the “Safsoufieh”, but the real deal is Al Daoukieh for sure.

After visiting Al Daouk sweets more than three times already, I went back again for more. I wanted to get up close and personal with these creations. I was welcomed by the staff and allowed behind the counter to taste the individual ingredients used to create Al Daoukieh.

Al Daoukieh is an elaborate version of the Bohsalino… Unique on all fronts. What makes all the difference is the unsalted cashew nuts layered under the ashta and the ashta and the pistachio's impressive quality, all brought together in a unique way.


The pistachio is clearly superior to that normally found on the market. Intensely rich green pistachio, sold for $35/kilo. As for the cashew nuts, they are bought raw then fried and dried. The pistachio mix, on the other hand, is just pure, mixed with only a tiny bit of sugar. The Ashta, fresh as if it was produced that very minute, is one of the finest quality, rich in flavor and substance. Altogether constituting a hard mix that’s best enjoyed with your bare fingers, to feel the coldness and textures of this ultimate of sweet creations.

Just imagine: a layer of pistachio purée, green like grass, topped with cashew nuts and followed by a layer of ashta, and on top of it more pistachio mix with little sugar bits shining beautifully in between the nuts. The pistachio mix is so unique that it glides under your teeth, erupting with a rich taste while a strong flavor of pistachio caresses your taste buds. Premium quality, cold and fresh ashta (clotted cream) follows all this, melting together under your palate until you crunch into those fried cashew nuts, which put a smile on your face. While enjoying those heavenly mouthfuls, the last thing left to do is close your eyes and feel a perfume of orange blossom and rose water taking over your brain cells. 

Believe me when I say that I’ve never eaten anything like this in my entire life. Orgasmic!

Now that you know, how about you watch the video? It will make your every sense tingle with excitement.





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