June 13, 2014 Tripoli North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Al Zahra, Tripoli: Sweet Delights Since 1930

Breakfast at Akra led us to a quick discovery before lunch. We were informed that the finest ice cream spot is located a hundred meters down the street, so we started walking. Al Zahra, Zakaria brothers located somewhere in the heart of Tripoli has been producing ice cream since 1930.
I'm sorry but I can't tell you the exact location, maybe someone from Tripoli could help. All I remember is that I parked next to the old clock and started walking. We arrived at a large place where four freezers were filled with a large choice of fresh-looking ice cream. The first one contained the trays for take away and two others displayed the produce of the day.

A man, the founder's grandson, welcomed us with a smile. He didn't mind us taking photos so we asked for a selection of the finest he had in a cone. Rest assured, it is a good ice cream.


What caught my attention were the names they gave to their cones: "2ame7" or wheat if you want to translate it. On a blackboard, the prices are listed; the small cone is for LBP750, the fruit mix is for LBP1,000 and the most expensive is Ashta for LBP2,500. The mixed Kilo is for LBP10,000, that's around half the price paid in Beirut. Rich in color, concentrated in flavors, the ice cream is fresh and tastes natural. You feel the fruits without any added sugar or unpleasant sweet aftertaste. I've had three cones, of which one was Ashta, all for only LBP4,000.

The ashta ice cream was as good as the rest. It can simply be eaten, bit into and enjoyed. A hard ice cream, sculpted like a cone and covered with crushed pistachio.
If you're going to Tripoli and want a good homemade ice cream the old authentic style, Al Zahra, Zakaria is the address of choice.





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