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And the Hype Grows Bigger: Souk El Akel Goes to Jbeil

And the Hype Grows Bigger: Souk El Akel Goes to Jbeil

The hype around the city of Jbeil is going to get even bigger this weekend. Jbeil, one of Lebanon's most beautiful cities has been storming the international news lately for its beautiful Christmas Tree 2015. The unique tree which showcases combines the old with the new and the arabesque symbols of Byblos in modernized manner. We are going to give you another reason to go visit Jbeil this weekend.

Part of it's continuous efforts to promote Lebanon, NoGarlicNoOnions is taking Souk el Akel to the heart of the action. You will be able to enjoy the best of hand selected street food prepared by local food artists from all across the country.

After the tremendous success witnessed in Beirut's Bus Station with over 40,000 visitors, the first of its kind turnout, Souk el Akel will be taking place in Byblos right under the Christmas Tree.

What are you waiting for... start planning your weekend - starting Dec 11 to Dec 13 from 5 to 11pm.

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