May 19, 2013

Another One's of Zaitunay Bay Restaurants Closed: Amarres - Who's Opening Instead?

After Zabad and Salmontini Riva, another one of Zaitunay Bay's restaurants is closing down, Amarres... Some questions are to be asked here! What is happening to what is supposed to be the meeting point of Lebanon's food aficionados? Places close while others open in their places...


Amarres, is Couqley at the Bay, "The" French address for many. A mix of French cuisine with a hint of the Mediterranean spirit to bring you fine cuisine only a few know how to create.

Does the Alleyway group see a brighter future in Dbayeh? Closing Amarres coincides with the opening of their new Couqley restaurant in Blueberry Square Dbayeh. Let's get back to Zaitunay Bay. What is happening down there?

  • Is the rent way too expensive?
  • Is the conception of the project a bit bizarre making it unpleasant to visit during winter times?
  • Is the management too stubborn pushing clients away?
  • Are many planning to close soon as well?
What will open instead...Do you know?
Rumors, gossip, assumptions... Our favorite free-time activity in Lebanon.. Let's make use of this... As nobody seems to know yet who's opening in Amarres place, I decided to have NoGarlicNoOnions readers interact in a guessing game- and no it's not The Grid, as we know The Grid, a Solidere concept, will be opening near Amarres location.

Who do you think will open in Amarres's place at Zaitunay Bay ... Leave your thoughts and comments below and get the chance to win a dinner for two at any of Roadster Diner in Lebanon. 

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