December 24, 2017 Achrafieh Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Association of Restaurants in Lebanon: Annual Dinner at Table D’Alfred

Phone Number: +961 1 20 30 36

Address: 360 Sursock Street, Achrafiyeh, Beirut, Lebanon


Price Range: 40-70 $

Invited by the Syndicate of restaurants, nightclubs and pastry shops in Lebanon to attend their annual dinner, we were awaited at La Table D’Alfred to celebrate Lebanon. Decoration, Christmas vibes, and a warm mood, dinner was pleasantly enjoyable thanks to the committee, presided by Mr. Tony el Ramy.


Dinner started with a beautifully decorated plate the way fine-dining restaurants do it. Salade de crevettes acidulées, pulpe d’avocat. Tarte fine au parmesan, cream cheese, saumon fume maison, copeaux de fenouils. A round plate hosting a puff pastry covered with finely smoked salmon with a cream of avocado on the side topped with soft shrimp, cut in half. I loved the flavors and textures, balanced in a very smooth way. A plate prepared by a professional who has toured the world for knowhow. Every ingredient adds value, every item adds a magical touch, turning a simple plate into a masterpiece; my favorite is the crispy parmesan sheet and the non-oily home-smoked salmon.


The dinner started by Tony El Rami’s touching word thanking every one of the members and attendees. Thank you, Tony, for mentioning me in your speech, that was so touching.

Food was great; the ambiance was enjoyable and pleasant, the night was memorable. Let’s take a moment and talk about the bread, fresh and served warm with a side of butter. 

Foie gras followed; foie gras de canard confit par nos soins, marmelade de griottes réduit au vieux porto. Exactly like the big chefs do it; a round gelée is surrounding a chunk of foie gras and a marmalade on the side. A thick, full-bodied foie gras with touches of sweetness on the side. I loved the combination carefully thought-of to create a unique explosion of flavors. Loved it! 


The meat came last before desserts: Filet de Boeuf Australien, à la plancha, purée truffée, épinards et duxelles de champignons. Tender and juicy, a big chunk of meat comes with truffle potato purée on the side, pan-fried spinach and diced mushrooms all together embraced with a red wine sauce.


Ho ho ho ho ho sang Santa Claus... there was a gift for everyone! What a party, everyone was happy, all were singing along... it was fun!

Mont-Blanc, not like your average Mont-Blanc, a cake served in a glass hosts half a dozen layer starting with a sponge cake, meringue, chestnut cream, orange marmalade, croquant and chestnut confit. Yummy! A bit sweeter than I expected but good enough to devour it all!


Enjoyed the night, happy to have visited La Table D’Alfred after all these years and happy to be invited by this big family of restaurant owners.






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