June 22, 2017 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

B-Dooz: Two Years After my First Visit (Restaurant Closed)
Non-smokers friendly

Phone Number: +961 4 910 287

Address: Bickfaya main road, Mtayleb, Metn, Lebanon ( 12:00PM - 12:00AM)

Website: http://www.b-dooz.com

Price Range: 5-10 $


Welcoming: 1/5

Food Temperature: 7/10

Ambiance / Music: 4.5/10

Menu Choice: 3/5

Food Taste: 12/30

Architecture / Interior: 3/10

Food presentation: 6/10

Service: 5/10

Value for money: 6/10

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I came here in June 2015 to discover the new B12 - B-Dooz. A revamped version of what used to be back in the eighties. B12 was our childhood restaurant where the best burgers and shawarma were faithfully prepared...until a buyer came in and took over. Instead of keeping it authentic, the restaurant moved away from its roots...the B-Dooz of 2015 had a red logo, a Lebanese snack menu, submarine sandwiches, burgers and shawarma. I remember the food experience to be not great so I planned another visit for an update.


I won't focus on the place's negative vibes - the lack of music, the chefs clearly not liking their job, the unappetizing presentation of plates and the coldness of the decor - let's just eat and see what the "Original Burger and Shawarma place" has to offer.

What I previously liked and what has changed:

  • The burger buns looked real and Lebanese with sesame sprinkled on them, the fries were thicker and the presentation had that homey feel that's unfortunately lost today.
  • The new B-Dooz is complicated, a Crepaway wannabe, bigger with more commercial burgers, American fries, a black logo, a complicated menu with more choices. B-Dooz Hazmieh even serves shisha!


A burger, a shawarma wrap, fries and coleslaw:

  • The B-Doozer burger: a bun with a thick crust which sticks to the teeth. The bun doesn't even fit a Lebanese burger, and is emptied from the inside creating an unpleasant hole. A drop of cocktail sauce - not even spread on the burger - laid on a small slice of tomato - half the burger doesn't have tomato - a thin beef patty - clearly looking from frozen - and a crunchy iceberg lettuce. With that comes a thin fried mozzarella patty. A big thing, an unbalanced mix of ingredients, an unpleasant bun and that meat!!!! Do not even try to taste the meat alone; an overdose of spices makes it feel like makanek with a texture that is so tender you'll think for a second that you ordered a Kafta sandwich. The coleslaw is pure mayonnaise, huge chunks of cabbage and zero sweetness or freshness. The fries are the only thing done right.
  • The Shawarma: looking tiny, the shawarma wrap is made of meat, tender to the extent of being unpleasant, with meat that feels like mashed beef stuffed into the bread. I'm not sure what kind of meat is used to create a shawarma that's textureless. Good and fresh bread quality that is toasted to crunch while the excess of tarator spills all around. An overdose of tarator covers over all flavors, with meat I personally didn't like alongside some vegetables.


What I'd change or improve:

  • Revisit and reconsider that complicated menu.
  • Keep it simple without turning this restaurant into a complicated American eatery.
  • Arguileh and burger? Come on!
  • Black? The color of negativity and drama? Food is joyful and colorful. I'd change all the branding. Add red and green to the concept.
  • Focus on the experience; service, attention, smiles, music... "rayyess, tfaddal Khod el sa7en!". That's not acceptable. A waiter or person in charge could help you with the plates.
  • For dine in, the shawarma sandwich should look better and be served better.

Shocked! Can't find any other words to describe my experience.





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