September 14, 2018

B018 Club Lebanon, Announces a New Chapter After 24 Years of Operations

Founded by the notorious Naji Gebran, BO18 has spent the last 24 years introducing various genres of music and educating its visitors; however, the time has come to close that chapter and set the stage for the next one.

b018 parking

‘The Bunker’ or 'B018', as many people refer to it, was the first club in to put Beirut on the international map of the nightlife scene. Its unique design, by the infamous Bernard Khoury, managed to gain worldwide interest and attraction.

The combination between Gebran’s love to entertain and Khoury’s ‘avant-gardiste’ design, this club quickly made its way into becoming a staple in Lebanese and regional nightlife.  

Überhaus management has joined forces with B018 to start a new chapter that will once again redefine the existing scene and set the standards for the next 20 years.

‘’ Growing up we used to look up to the people that created this iconic venue, today we look forward to working with the same people hand in hand to continue this legacy’’says Ali Saleh , Co- founder and Managing Partner , Uberhaus Group 

 Henry Saiz will be manning the decks this Friday giving the bunker its last performance accompanied by residents Ziad Ghosn and Ralph Nasr. 

Khoury and his team of architects have already submitted their new design for the club labeled under ‘in search of new rituals’.


B018 ‘s team looks forward to presenting this new experience soon and thanks you for the last 24 years of memorable moments.

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