November 17, 2018 Paris France Europe

BOCO: Eat Good in a Jar

BOCO is the realization of a dream… dreamt by Vincent Ferniot. With the help of the greatest French chefs and pastry chefs, BOCO has created a simple, flavorful restaurant experience for every day. You can enjoy great food and treat yourself every day, without spending a fortune.


What an innovative concept! Boco is the plural of Bocal, which means 'the jars'. A restaurant selling almost everything in jars, fine dining portions prepared by master chefs. This concept has been developed by some intelligent and visionary people and it's unique on all fronts. If Pret a Manger is innovative, this one is outstanding and even more innovative. The idea is simple, buy your jar which is filled with high quality and flavorful offerings by famous and renowned chefs. Enjoy a meal with a smile, that's healthy and unique and for only €10. Boco is, first of all, a neighborhood Parisian bistrot, where you can enjoy sitting down for a moment, grabbing a bite to eat, having a drink on your own, with a date or with a great group of friends.


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