August 13, 2014

Boil Just the Right Amount of Water You Need

 "Boiling more water than necessary has several implications - it takes longer time to boil which equals wasted electricity and higher energy bills," says designers Anna Czaniecka said. With this idea in mind, Czaniecka designed a kettle that is shaped like two mugs so the user can precisely measure how much water to boil for cups of tea. KTTL-by-Anna-Czaniecka-_dezeen_468_1 "I started this project by looking at kitchen appliances and I came across some data about the unusually high energy usage of a standard electric kettle," she told Dezeen, stating that three quarters of British households overfill their kettles – wasting a total of £68 million per year. KTTL-Anna-Czaniecka-Design Anna Czaniecka's Kttl is designed to save energy, and therefore money, that is wasted from boiling too much water in traditional kettles. KTTL-by-Anna-Czaniecka_dezeen_784_2 At the moment it is a speculative project which highlights the amount of water and electricity being wasted in the scale of the country and offers a simple, pragmatic solution. "However I would love it to become a real product that could be mass produced," Czaniecka's expresses.  
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