September 23, 2014 Metn Mount Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

Boul Mich: Remembering the Taste of Simplicity
Non-smokers friendly
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Phone Number: +961 4 926615

Address: Beit El Chaar, Metn, Mount Lebanon, Lebanon


Price Range: 5-13 $

BoulMich: Submarine and Burgers of my Childhood

Imagine a huge chicken submarine sandwhich filled with rich ingredients… served toasted with melting cheese spilling out... I still remember the taste of this sandwich since I last tried Boul Mich’s submarine 15 years ago. Yes, it’s been that long since I last came here. Boul Mich is not your regular place… Hidden in one of Beit el Chaar's calm streets, this eatery is known by the locals for its fine-charcoaled grilled chicken, tawouk and homemade burgers.


Indeed, I was amazed by the taste of their burger, the juiciness of their grilled chicken and more so the great taste of their chicken sub.

When Mondays are expected to be calm after a long weekend, Boul Mich defies the law. It was 1pm when I reached this hidden gem located under a residential building to find the place crowded with hungry customers, each known by name, coming in one after the other.

The place is full of positive vibes… it looks like a busy beehive working hard to satisfy everyone… taking orders, delivery orders, answering phone calls, attending to special demands… Every customer is treated like king. 

Boul Mich is the father of the three brothers handling the restaurant. There’s a strong feel of family spirit around this place. Georges and Nabil were both on duty today and warmly welcomed me into their place like an old friend of theirs. The most appreciated part is that nobody asked me why I was taking pictures… instead they were happy I did.


"What should I order?" I ask. Nabil, one of the owners, encouraged me to try their chicken sub, their hamburger and another sandwich of my choice, alongside a plate of French fries.

The Chicken Submarine: The chicken sub is a sandwich everyone should try. A large submarine bun covered with sesame seeds, emptied from the inside, filled with chicken, cheese, tomatoes, mayonnaise or garlic, pickles and shredded lettuce. The bun is generously filled with chicken, then topped with cheese and sent to the oven to toast and melt. After that, mayonnaise is added, some vegetables and here you are ready to indulge in a fine piece of creation. A crunchy, juicy sub loaded with premium ingredients… I was overwhelmed. Its simplicity is what makes it so great. This is what makes Boul Mich unique. 


The chicken liver sandwich then followed. Real Lebanese street food enjoyed by many.  This sandwich is too bready; the liver chunks were dry and the sandwich was way too toasted. I expected it to be better especially that it contained too much garlic, although I asked for no garlic. Surely this sandwich is a favorite by many but not for me, to be honest.

And to end this pleasant experience, I asked for the burger, a real homemade burger. The bread from a local baker filled with meat patty, tomatoes, French fries set parallel, coleslaw, ketchup and pickles. I closed my eyes and felt certain nostalgia, the burger of my childhood, the Lebanese burger that was just perfect. Don’t you just miss eating a simple burger …it was an amazing experience where you feel detached from the all things commercial… It was so nice.


For LBP25,000 I got a burger, a chicken liver sandwich, a chicken sub, two soft drinks and a plate of French fries.

I loved Boul Mich and to be honest I felt emotionally nostalgic when I was there. It’s your perfect street food snack close to home if you live in the area. Good food is guaranteed every time. And if you don’t live near by, make a trip with some friends up to Beit el Chaar and enjoy some good submarines from Boul Mich.

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