February 01, 2017 Egypt Middle East

Breakfast at the Holiday Inn City Stars, Cairo

The next morning we woke up and went straight down to breakfast. The manager was playing with his phone and were told to choose a table on the mall side, meaning a place where there are no windows to actually enjoy the morning fresh sunlight. Breakfast is served down in the restaurant overwhelmed with colors - green leather sofas, pink and blue chairs, orange placemats; disturbing to say the least. It felt like the old fashioned Holiday Inn brand.


Breakfast buffet is spread on several islands. The drinks, cereals, dried fruits and fruits on one side, the main hot buffet, the salad bar and bread corner...Mini croissants, Danish pastries, one loaf of bread and flat bread bags.... Cucumbers, tomatoes, tabbouleh, yogurt, moutabbal, Labneh and hummus...The hot section has ten choices to it; oriental sausages, mushrooms, boiled eggs, potatoes, beef bacon, tomatoes stuffs with cheese, pancake, fried rice, beans...

Although we were alone on a Thursday morning, the service was extremely bad. The seemed busy with absolutely nothing. The coffee took an eternity to reach, the table was sticky, the waffle stand was dirty and looked like it had not been cleaned for a whole week, corn flakes were stale, tomatoes were dry and dull, yogurt was warm, pieces of watermelon were cut a day before if not before...  And the list continues. Plus I was followed all around by the manager while I took my notes.

We had a dull breakfast and left. Honestly it's not worth it at all.





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