December 04, 2017 North Lebanon Lebanon Middle East

C-Delights: A Tasting Dinner in Chekka (Restaurant Closed)

Invited to witness the opening of a new catering company in Chekka, it was dinner in the kitchen. C-Delights, a gourmet market, fine cuts, and spirits shop with a delivery kitchen promises some tasty offering down the building. Equipped with a state of the art Kitchen the catering department is a premiere, up north!


Wedding style setup, wine glasses, Ixsir altitude, Sohat glass water bottles, hosted by the owners who took me on a Kitchen tour, the chef and his brigade were already preparing dinner. Rich, generous and diverse, I enjoyed this meal so much!

A silver platter filled with a selection of fine cheeses and cold cuts; salami, Parma ham, Brie, Boursin among others. A premium quality offered with French mini pickles, walnuts, and raisins added for decoration.

The hummus is a spot on;  a spicy hummus with pickles, the chef’s unique blend, a crunch, a kick of lemon with a light touch of tahini staying in the mouth for extended minutes. I loved how the hummus is served in a bowl the occidental way.

Roquefort, Endives; An interesting Blue cheese and endives salad, endives filled in blue cheese chunks, diced pears, and crunchy walnuts. Loved the mix of flavors, the sweetness, and the peers.


Makanek: gourmet makanek if I might say, tender meat, a juicy heart with a pomegranate sauce that turns a popular Lebanese creation into a gourmet place. Loved the mint leaves and pines added as a touch of generosity and color.


The mini Lebanese bites are a must try! Cheese balls stuffed with cheese, Soujok and cheese spring roll fingers, chicken Kebbeh and a unique meat sambousik. Super duper crunchy sambousik with a tender heart. Melted potato cheese stuffed with cheese... these are excellent!


Best for last; the salmon with tagliatelle is fantastic! The most tender and juiciest salmon I’ve ever had, the best quality I’ve tasted in Lebanon. The tagliatelle cooked al dente is a spot on. There is another version with siyaddiyeh rice and sauce is even better. This piece of salmon deserves a line, a crispy envelop, a super flavorful juicy salmon and an enjoyable side.


From fine dining specialties to fried broasted chicken, this place does it well on all fronts. The broasted chicken, the crunchy deep-fried skin, a juicy heart, and much taste! The broasted chicken doesn’t have an oil smell. With that, the broasted potatoes are out of this world! 


A pleasant dinner I replay enjoyed. With the official opening scheduled on the 25th, I’m excited to order from C-Delights once they’re cruising.

Check out a hundred photos I’ve taken around the place and plan your next visit.






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