December 30, 2023

Caribbean Charm: The Allure of Saint Lucia Citizenship by Global Residence Index

The Eastern Caribbean is home to some of the world's most grand and beautiful island nations. Saint Lucia, one of these island nations, offers everything one wishes to have in a homeland. This heavenly island is home to pristine natural beauty, history, and volcanoes.

Along with its geography, it has ideal weather conditions, clear water, and a welcoming community of people living harmoniously with nature. 

Now, it’s obvious that Saint Lucia may seem to many to be a perfect place for upcoming vacations. However, do you know what’s even more interesting? Let me tell you that you can even choose Saint Lucia as your ideal home nation.

This has been made possible with the help of the Citizenship by Investment Program, which started in 2015. This attractive program has the backing of the Global Residence Index, making it reliable and trustworthy. To avail of this program, you need to contact St. Lucia citizenship by investment agent, and you can easily start the process.

Let’s learn more about the Citizenship by Investment program in detail!

About the program

This program was sanctioned by the government in 2015, and since then, all the investments made through this scheme have been used to develop top-notch infrastructure in the country. 

With the help of this program, people from throughout the world have chosen Saint Lucia as their new homeland. 

The program works on the principle of funding the growth of Saint Lucia as a nation and the world as a whole.

Benefits of St. Lucia’s Citizenship Program

Getting St Lucia’s citizenship has countless benefits, including visa-free travel to many countries, tax cuts, business concessions, easy foreign currency deals, and much more. Let’s discuss all these benefits thoroughly!

1. Roaming Rewards 

As humans, we love to travel as it satisfies our souls. Visiting different countries with unique cultures feeds our explorer brain. Once you attain citizenship in St Lucia, you can express your travel desires and visit more than 147 countries without the hassle of attaining a visa.

Moreover, with a St Lucia passport, you are freely granted a 10-year visa to the U.S.A., which allows you to reside in the U.S. for six months every year.

2. International Business Advantages 

You will be surprised to know that once you get citizenship in this country and register your company, you can get easier access to global banks and smooth foreign currency deals. 

Along with this, in many cases, you can also get certain tax concessions. All these benefits can have a significant impact on the growth of your company.

Another crucial advantage of having Saint Lucia’s citizenship is that the government never tracks any business owner's identity. So, one can go here to protect their identity, and maintain privacy, and security.

3. Favorable Fiscal Territory 

Taxation is one of the major reasons for most people's headaches. However, St Lucia has no income, inheritance, or capital income tax.

The absence of these taxes ensures that the citizens of St Lucia are never weighed down with financial burdens. Along with this, the international businesses registered in St. Lucia will also pay minimum taxes.

4. Freedom of flexible programs

The government of St Lucia offers unique plans for those willing to get citizenship through investment. The best part about these plans is that one can also include their families in the application for additional fees. The four options for this plan are as follows:

  • A contribution to the National Economic Fund of ST.Lucia
  • The purchase of bonds offered
  • A real estate investment
  • A business investment

5. Quality of life

Whether you are worried about job security, your family’s safety, or your quality of life, the citizenship of Saint Lucia offers all these benefits, making it a haven for its citizens. The crime rate is low here, making it a safe place to stay. The GDP of the place is growing, so there are high chances of growing your business. Moreover, the infrastructure is advanced and you get access to modern medical facilities.

The country is closely distanced from the U.S., making traveling to the ideal society and culture easy.


Let’s have a comprehensive idea of all the options available for the Citizenship by Investment Program.

1. National Economic Fund Contribution

This plan is one of the easiest options to attain citizenship, as a single person only needs to invest USD 100,000 to the National Economic Fund. 

In the case of a married couple, they need to invest $140000. For a family of 4, the amount invested should be $150000. However, if you need to add a member to this plan, you must submit +$15 000 to the given fund.

While applying for this plan as a main applicant, you would be required to pay a due diligence fee of $ 7,500, while the fee for dependents over 16 years of age is $ 5000. The processing fees for these applications are $ 2000 for the applicant +$ 1000 for 16+ dependents, and a newborn +$ 5000 is applicable.

2. Government Bonds

One of the other interesting options to attain citizenship of St Lucia is through non-interest-bearing government bonds. One must invest in government bonds worth $ 300,000 USD to apply with their family. The holding duration for these bonds is five years. 

Once the holding period is over, the bond is returned in full to the investors. Another important information about this plan is that you must pay $ 50,000 as a government administrative fee once your application is approved. The due diligence fee for this plan remains the same as the National Economic Fund Contribution plan.

3. Real estate investment

In this plan, one needs to invest a minimum of $ 200,000 so that they can submit their applications. The investment made through this route can only be sold after the completion of 5 years. 

One would also need to pay a state fee starting from $ 30000 for a single applicant, $45,000 for couples, $ 5000 for dependent applicants over 16, and $10000 for dependent applicants between the ages of 17 and 25.

4. Business investment 

Those willing to invest in a qualifying business or any enterprise project as a single investor would be required to invest at least 3.5 million USD, along with the assurance of creating at least three jobs. 

In the case of joint investments, the least amount that can be invested is 6 million USD, with every single investor putting at least 1 million USD. The administration fee to be paid while applying is 50000 for single applicants, 25000 USD for dependents below 18, and 35000 USD for dependents over 18.

The due diligence fee for the applicant is merely 7500 USD, and for dependents over 16, it is +15000 USD. The candidates must also pay a processing fee of 2000 USD for applicants and +1000 USD for dependents.


Saint Lucia’s citizenship by investment plan has much to offer to anyone wanting citizenship. This program offers a gateway to unparalleled travel, business advantages, and a tax-friendly environment. Multiple accessible investment options ensure flexibility and inclusivity for your family’s well-being. Contact the St. Lucia citizenship by investment agent to get started with the process today.

Saint Lucia calls you to invest, thrive, and create a better life. Get Ready Today!

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