September 27, 2013

Catering to the Pleasure of Your Senses

I was invited to a wedding party a few weekends ago in a very special place setup beautifully where friends and family gathered to celebrate a couple's happy moment. Food was catered by Cat and Mouth, one of the leading private catering companies in Lebanon. Since I talked about my last experience with Faqra Catering, I thought why not also shed the light on what I tried, tasted and enjoyed.


Unfortunately, the guys at Cat and Mouth were not very helpful. I asked several times to help me with names and details of their amazingly displayed preparations at the wedding, but sadly I got nothing. It seems some people truly don't need the advertising, but my aim was to share what was enjoyed. What I can safely say is that everything was fresh, nothing was soggy, bites seemed to be prepared on that very moment.


Hope you enjoy the images I have taken to share with you... and imagine the good and fresh taste behind each. Today's catering was remarkable. Some facts:

  • The wedding had more than a thousand guests
  • We all passed along the buffet without having to wait in line
  • All plates were beautifully decorated
  • Not one single dish as cold or even warm
  • An army of chefs was cooking live the largest choice of food imaginable

The things I liked:

  • Professionalism and welcoming are the motto
  • Almost everything served was tasty
  • The sushi was very good
  • Meat, fish, rice, noodles, shrimps, tarts, lamp and other things were all prepared with such a finesse very rare to experience at a wedding

My favorite part:

  • The ice cream live station and its dry ice show


Established in Lebanon in 1998, Cat and Mouth is a caterer for weddings, cocktails, parties, galas, dinners ...The company's founder and director Nicolas Cattan has a lifetime of experience in the hospitality and the catering business, having started at a very early age through the family's private international hotel business. Cattan proceeded to manage a luxurious Relais et Chateaux establishment for several years. He launched a new era of dining within the city, with the creation of landmark restaurants, offering a unique and personalized quality-dining ambiance. At the same time he successfully founded the company Cat & Mouth, developing catering services, with the detailed precision and care for quality and luxury.

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