July 26, 2013

Coca Cola's Share a Coke: I Found my Name: Did You?

Anyone coming from Europe soon? Is my name on one these limited edition coke bottles? I want one! Across Europe this summer, Coca?Cola invites you to 'Share A Coke' with friends and family, as the iconic "Coca?Cola" script will be replaced for the first time ever with the names of its consumers.  

share a coke

This summer, Coca Cola is inviting people to come together and Share a Coke with their friends and family. As the brand embarks on its biggest ever summer campaign, consumers across Europe for the first time will see the brand's iconic.

"Coca Cola" script replaced with consumers' names. Over the summer, over 1 billion packs of Coca Cola, Diet Coke and Coca Cola Zero will carry consumer names from each market and in the spirit of togetherness and positivity, the campaign will encourage people to 'Share A Coke' with family and friends. For those consumers unable to find their names on pack, the 'Share a Coke' campaign is also brought to life online at www.shareacoke.co.uk, where personalised Coca Cola virtual cans can be created and shared with friends.

Coca Cola NoGarlicNoOnions

Coke has launched this bottle for you... Check if your name is available

Coca Cola Anthony  

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