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Cookies'n'More: Maamoul Reinvented...

Cookies'n'more: Mouthwatering Cookies

You are faced with two challenges a few weeks before Easter. The first one is to loose a few kilos before the big day to be able to enjoy some Maamoul without moderation... and the second is to find out where or who makes the best maamoul in town. Is it your mother? My mother? Is it this shop or that one? The only thing we're all agreeing on is the fact that we can't wait to indulge in these popular Lebanese sweets called Maamoul - in all its forms and fillings.


Researching or trying to find the best maamoul in town is a hard process. It's difficult to pinpoint the best; I will be doing the same like I did for the King's Cake (Galette des Rois). I will be choosing a handful of providers depending on your recommendations. But we have to start somewhere. I can safely tell you that the maamoul at Cookies'n'More are amazingly tasty. I was introduced to these little colorful bites by pure coincidence at a friend’s house for lunch. You can't but look at them in awe as you start drooling. Perfectly crafted maamoul with hints of color are original to say the least. What I noticed was, that they are not covered with powder sugar, which normally covers up the real taste... especially when they are dull. It was a challenge.
I was willing to skip lunch and plunge into this box... I was happy to wait for dessert time cause looking at all the invitees enjoying them made me confirm the verdict: those maamouls are to die for. Cookies'n'More is a place in Sin El Fil, facing Al Hayek Hospital entrance creating sweet innovations from cookies, cupcakes, cakes and more, prepared out of premium ingredients and ornamented in the most appealing way that satisfies the sight and the taste equally.
At Cookies'n'more, cakes aren't just desserts: They are symbols of celebration, happiness and an expression of love towards friends and family. That's why Mrs. Myrna Hajjar and her small team take so much care in creating the most splendid and delectable cakes and cookies; each cake is handmade, hand decorated and tastefully packaged. Choose between brownies, chocolates, biscottis, cookies, and cakes like carrot, lemon, marble, chocolate, banana, and orange. If you prefer the more traditional Arabic sweets, grab some sables and maamoul in honey and coconut flavors, or opt for lower calorie options made without butter.
Mrs. Hayek, along with her team bake fresh products daily, channelling their love and enthusiasm in the form of sweet treats, using only the best ingredients. Their Mammoul, sold all year long, are unique on all fronts: in shape, in texture, in ingredients, in its fillings and color.
These fine delicacies are not produced with semolina like average maamoul but a special recipe using simple flour. What's great about them is that they crumble gently under your teeth before melting like butter. An interesting texture hides an interesting flavor close to French sablés or Lebanese Sanioura sweets.
Choose one of many fillings: Dried dates (tamer), loukoum, halawa, pistachio purée, almonds Mix, honey, figs and others depending on the season. You can buy those all year.
I simply fell in love with them. Adequately sweetened without the sugar powder, you feel the ingredients and the richness of the dough. Love and passion are felt in every bite.
So back to the lunch, everyone just devoured one kilogram of these maamoul although there were other cakes on the table. We had three other cakes but the maamoul was everyone's choice.
There are two colored varieties - pink and green. Cookies'n'More uses a special natural colorant imported directly from the states. The problem is that once you start you can't stop: They are addictive... Every kilo is sold at 50,000L.L.
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