June 19, 2016 Lebanon Middle East

Create More Memories with Dad: NGNO's Ideas

Father's Day is on June 21, but how about you plan some fun things to do with your dad this whole coming week... If you both enjoy a good bite let's take you on a food tour to enjoy - no dieting is allowed this week... and if you can't do the whole week, choose to do at least one thing... Bonding is important and no better way to do so than with food. Enjoy that long awaited 'catch up' that you've been so busy to do...



After work, call your dad up and meet at Mandaloun Cafe in Dbayeh. Opt to sit outside since the weather is nice... it's like your own little backyard with loads of greenery around. It feels like a great escape. If you live closer to Beirut, try Deli.co. It's a new place in Souk Beirut  worth giving a try. What to order? Well, although they both have great food choices, this afternoon indulge in some good "Merry Cream". A great and cooling way to end a day.



How about you meet up for lunch and enjoy some sushi down in the city. Osaka in Hamra is a good choice, especially if you both enjoy some good Japanese food. Sit and taste one Lebanon’s good sushi places, one of my top three, with innovative bites like their Ismaliyyeh maki and some fresh crab salad with avocado and raspberries. Don't forget the sake. A bit of buzz with dad won’t hurt anyone.



Breakfast time with dad. I would suggest taking him to the Four Season's hotel to enjoy a good and hefty breakfast in style. Arrive at the Four Seasons and be prepared to get all pampered. Up on the second floor is the Grill Room, where breakfast is served. The breakfast variety is massive and includes traditional bites as well as international choices. It’s impeccable. Your dad deserves a bit of pampering. Don't forget to try their Eggs Benedict. It is my personal favorite. After that you can cross the street from the hotel and stroll around Zaytouney Bay... have coffee in one of the many spots down there.



Souk el Akel of course in Downtown. Can you imagine the fun you’ll both have? Walk around different vendors and try savory and sweet bites. The choice of food available there is endless… not to mention innovative things never seen before. It's Ramadan issue this week, the fun is multiplied. Be prepared to get scolded at by your mum for making your dad eat things he’s not allowed to eat. But it’s all worth it.\



Wow it’s end of the week already. How about you take this day off and just let go. Get into the car and travel around Lebanon. The time spent in the car, listening to music and talking about your favorite memories, you will be creating a new one right then. So much to discover together. Since it’s the weekend, you can travel the distance to get some yummy bites to share at home with your family…

Head up to Zahle and enjoy a good Lebanese breakfast with Foul and Hummos at Georges Massaad and make sure to pass by Le Salon des Familles, or "Salone El 3a2ilat" and get the tastiest Kaak bi Halib you’ve ever had.  Or head up to Tripoli and enjoy some good Lebanese food inside the streets of Zahriyyeh, at Abou Rabih. Far from tourists’ eyes, this place is worth trying. Don’t forget to grab some znoud il sit from Abdelrahman Hallab.


Happy fathers day...





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