July 09, 2022

Delicious Ways To Use Liquid Smoke at Home

There are many ways to bring more delicious variety to your meals, but adding liquid smoke is an incredible option. Here’s a closer look at some options!

Using liquid smoke in your meals and drinks can amp up the flavors and bring intense variety. You can take regular recipes and add a touch of liquid smoke to create more depth and wow your family and friends. Let’s look at some of the most common and delicious ways people use liquid smoke to create gourmet flavors at home!

Meat Marinade

The intense flavors liquid smoke adds to meat is an experience like no other. For those who love to perfect different marinades and grilling techniques, consider adding liquid smoke to your arsenal. Homemade hamburgers, brisket, and chicken are some of the most popular choices. Combining liquid smoke with the flavors of Worcestershire sauce pairs well for making homemade beef jerky.

Add It to Gourmet Sauces

Adding liquid smoke can intensify the natural ingredients and pull out a smokey heat for an extra kick to your favorite sauces. To spice things up at home, add liquid smoke to a batch of gourmet salsa macha. You only need a few drops to kick things up, but if you start small, you can add as you go to achieve the flavors you desire.

Mixed Cocktails

A popular combination in the world of cocktails and spirits is adding a few drops of liquid smoke to intensify a drink. Brown liquors like bourbon, rum, and whiskey benefit from a touch of liquid smoke because of their barrel-aged properties. These alcohols have an existing level of smoke and rich flavor, so adding a liquid smoke compound can accent the natural flavor and create something more exciting to sip on.

Brush on Your Veggies

The technique you use to brush your meat with a marinade and grill is similar to the one you will use for veggies. Place your veggies on skewers for the grill and brush them with a seasoning and marinade combination of your choice. Add a few drops of liquid smoke to the concoction. The grill’s flavor properties, in tandem with the liquid smoke, will give your vegetables a rich smokey flavor.

Adding liquid smoke to sauces, sides, and drinks is a small chef’s secret that anyone can try at home to bring more variety to their cooking. While its namesake makes it sound like something scary, it’s really just an intense way to provide delicious meals and gourmet flavor. How can liquid smoke add flavor to your life?

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