June 03, 2015 Scotland UK Europe

Dinner at Chiva’s Linn House; Keith, Scotland

Gathered around the long dining table, 12 people were ready to enjoy a fine dinner. Welcomed to the Chivas Linn House, tonight's dinner was special, a strong welcoming to the world of whiskies.

A complete set of cutlery, Silverstein, three crystal glasses, a table napkin and its silver ring as well as a fork and spoon for dessert. Two chandeliers with there lit candles, a warm lighting, calm and serenity inside a room with rich history.


Wines of the night:

  • Brancott Estate, Letter series, Sauvignon Gris, 2013.
  • Jacob's Creek, St Hugo, Cabernet Sauvignon, 2008.

Tonight's menu:

  • Roasted parcel of goat's cheese and a wild garlic confit of mixed peppers, rocket and pomegranate salad with walnut oil dressing.
  • Seared fillet of Barbary duck, sweet potato, onion and olive compote, pomme Anna and a green peppercorn sauce.
  • A creme Catalan brûlée with lavender shortbread biscuits.

Dinner is served:

  • A round plate filled with a square of fried bread filled with white cheese, surrounded by a portion of green leaves and a light pomegranate sauce. Crunchy and oil-free, the fresh bread hosts a generous portion of hot cheese. The sauce adds a touch of sweetness, while the arugula leaves add texture and style. That's a tasty plate indeed, and a perfect way to leave a positive first impression.

Before moving to the second plate, allow me to tell you about the bread, fresh and served warm, with a lightly crunchy envelope and warm heart as well as the wine, lightly bubbly, fruity and aromatic with floral notes. 

  • The second plate made its entrance. Delicious! A round plate on which is served a tender portion of seared filet of duck lying in a bed of toasted potatoes, with caramel on the side and a sweet potato. Amazing, really amazing. The different textures and ingredients are fantastic. Super crunchy potatoes, sweet pomme Anna, a quail egg for a touch of finesse and the caramelized onions for the sweetness. That's fine food indeed. The onions are mixed with black olives, I loved the little details. The sauce is what makes the difference, green peppercorn sauce to upscale this plate from normal to fine dining. Bravo chef.


Prepared by Chef Erik Obri, dinner was exquisite. Two thumbs up chef.

  • Best for last, dessert was exquisite. A clay pot filled with creme brûlée, a caramelized layer of sugar with a subtle burnt flavor covering a cream filling. A smooth cream, with crunchy bits crumbling under the teeth while a fresh sweetness caressed my palatal buds. Wait until you've tasted the cookie. Impressive! A light and airy cookie with a background flavor of lavender. I don't know what the chef's background is, but believe me he's really good.

First night, first dinner and first impression, a superb first impression which I believe will continue for the days to come.

Chivas Linn House Keith: A Traditional Scottish Dinner





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