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Discovering Scotland: Chivas Linn House Keith
Non-smokers friendly

Impressive, shockingly impressive, breathtaking. We were invited to the Chivas house, not a hotel, but the Chivas castle. An old Victorian house from 1878 with its old stones and old decor. My room was on the first floor, a large room with a bathroom, a chimney and a small closed balcony with a view of the garden. That's amazing... If the trip started like that, I'm wondering what's coming afterwards. 


Back to the house, the Linn House is named after the falls nearby. A castle with a high ceiling and a wooden parquet floor for the reception area. The lower floor has three distinct rooms, the dining area, the living room and another on the right side. Every room has its chimney and relaxing, comfortable sofas. Vintage furniture, soft carpets and old art pieces decorate the walls. It's not a hotel, it's more of a dream.

6pm, drinks in the living room, I tried for the first time a whisky called "Scapa", a single malt from the island of Orkney. A full bodied, but light whisky, aromatic and woody, not too smoky, but it left long lasting notes of freshness. This whisky doesn't need any water to boost it up. I honestly loved it. We also had the Glenlivet 15 and a strong whisky with a 60% volume of alcohol called Aberlour. Chips and mini bites, salmon bites on spicy toast and some with melon and ham. Drinks, music, positive vibes, while the ambiance started to build. "Sirs, dinner is served." Dinner was so good that I decided to publish a review by itself.


A dinner fit for a castle, a large table hosting 12 guests, good wine and tasty food and surely moments I'll remember for a long time. I wish I could live here forever and have such dinners every night. Tea around the chimney, a drink at the bar and now was time for bed in preparation of a long day tomorrow. The room is up to five star standards. The bathroom had all the amenities you'd expect, slippers, a bathrobe, a bathtub and shampoo. The room was equipped with free internet, a plug adapter for our European plugs and a complementary water bottle. Not only that, but they also have night service preparing the bed and changing the water bottle. 

As soon as I laid my head on those fluffy pillows, I slept like a baby...  Good morning Scotland, it was 8am when I entered the dining room. Breakfast is also at the standards of a high end hotel. Bread, croissants, jam, fresh juices and butter. An espresso machine, yogurt, cold milk and cereals. The menu gives you a choice of three plates of eggs: salmon and eggs, omelet and eggs with bacon.

It's unfortunately not an hotel everyone can try but if by any chance you're invited here, now you know what to expect.

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