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Disneyland Paris 20th Anniversary Celebrations

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Disneyland Paris. Known to celebrate their anniversaries with passion, colours and ongoing festivities, this wonderland is a place to come to this summer. But is fireworks and fairy dust enough to make us want to be a part of the celebration? Disneyland_Paris_20th_Anniversary_Celebrations007 The good thing is that if you missed the festivities, Disneyland Paris is extending its 20th Anniversary celebrations, giving you even more reasons than ever before to make the most of this extraordinary event. Until September 30th 2013, the park will be pulling out all the stops, with a host of new shows and parades, including illuminations spectacular at the Sleeping Beauty Castle, as well as the chance to meet Mickey Mouse backstage. Since I was in Paris, I headed down to experience this moment. Of course organised festivities and spectacles are meant for families of all ages to enjoy. I just wished my kids where with me this time to enjoy the sparkling lights and fairy dust showered across the park, and new costumes, colors, features and surprises, which I am confident they would have loved. Disneyland_Paris_20th_Anniversary_Celebrations016 I am sure that families enjoyed what they so and kids are always mesmerized with Disney characters, but personally I was not that impressed. I only liked the parades and fireworks. But for me, the part that ticked me off the most was the food and service offered at Disneyland. Expensive and completely inedible food choices everywhere. I was quite surprised. I had a burger and a hotdog, which both left me sick to my stomach. It’s understandable that not the best ingredients are used to cook at Disneyland, a place that’s very popular and very commercial. But I think that a bare minimum is required, especially that the prices are way too expensive. Disneyland_Paris_20th_Anniversary_Celebrations124 My Recommendations:

  • I don’t understand why the food offered around Disneyland can’t be good: Don't eat it
  • If you’re going, one thing I can advice you is to avoid weekends. It’s way too crowded and you won’t be able to enjoy yourselves
  • It is not worth it to arrive at 10am, as the day becomes too long for you, if you want to stay for the fireworks that start at 11pm
  • Have lunch outside the park than come in the afternoon, stay until 7pm for the parade and continue during nightfall for the fireworks at 11pm

Disneyland_Paris_20th_Anniversary_Celebrations198 To enjoy the visit without missing anything:

  1. Take the train and enjoy a park tour
  2. The kids would love to meat Mickey in person: Thant's a 20th anniversary special
  3. Their a special 20th anniversary train that departs from the castle. Make sure to do that before the last departure at 4pm
  4. The parade is a must see at 7pm. Choose a nice spot 30 minutes before that
  5. The best location to enjoy the fireworks and projections is in front of the castle

Disneyland_Paris_20th_Anniversary_Celebrations254 I had for lunch and dinner: In the park, their are two main eateries: Under the enormous Hyperion Airship, the Videopolis hangar offers popular fast food at its airline-style departure desks, advertising dirigible flights to locations around the world. Disneyland_Paris_20th_Anniversary_Celebrations054

  • Angus Cheeseburger €7.30: Disgusting and way too expensive for nothing. I had a bad taste in my mouth all day and felt sick.
  • Coca Cola €2.99

Casey's Corner Hotdogs: Baseball and American sports memorabilia adorns every inch of this lively venue on the edge of Central Plaza, serving its famous hot dogs. Disneyland_Paris_20th_Anniversary_Celebrations217

  • Giant Cheddar Hot Dog  €6.99: A long dry and spongy bread filled with a hotdog and covered with cheddar cheese. Nothing more. No chips, no salad, no ketchup. It is simply disgusting.
  • Coca Cola €2.99

So, I'll let you enjoy the 300 pictures taken that day preparing yourself for the visit. Remember, the festivities end on september 30th. 





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