July 14, 2018

Donuts: Tried & True Flavors Win the Day, While Unique Tastes are Rising

More than 80 Percent of Gen Z and Millennials Are Willing to Try Adventurous Donut Flavors

With more than 10 billion donuts made each year, a new survey reveals consumer cravings just in time for National Donut Day


Dawn Foods, a global manufacturer and ingredients supplier to bakeries around the world, today released findings from this survey that found the majority of Gen Z (those aged 18-21) and Millennial (those aged 22-34) consumers (82 percent) are interested in trying unique and adventurous donut flavors, such as pickle-flavored donuts, sriracha and s’mores. For nearly 100 years, Dawn has partnered with bakers around the world to help them think outside the box and deliver original tastes and flavors to their customers. These bakers produce the world’s best donuts every day – including innovative new mashups such as grilled cheese donuts as well as beloved favorites like chocolate-glaze and everything in-between.

Tried & True Flavors Win the Day, While Unique Tastes are Rising:

The top unique donut flavors all adults crave range from nostalgic S’mores and Peanut Butter & Jelly, to edgy flavors infused with alcohol and bacon:

  • S’mores (29 percent)
  • Mango (18 percent)
  • Alcohol-Inspired (17 percent)
  • Breakfast Cereal, Bacon-Infused, and Peanut Butter & Jelly were tied with 16 percent

Additional survey findings include the following.

  • Donuts are still a popular treat: More than a third of consumers (37 percent) eat donuts at least once a month
  • Classic flavors remain strong: More than 50 percent prefer classic donut dough flavors such as chocolate (22%), plain (16%) and old-fashioned (13%)
  • Younger audiences are most likely to branch out: 82 percent of Millennials and Generation Z consumers are interested in trying new and unique donut flavors
  • Parents prefer tipsy donuts: Those most interested in trying alcohol-inspired donuts were parents (21%)
  • More adventurous palates are out west: West coast consumers are the most adventurous donut eaters, with 72 percent saying they’d try bold donut flavors
  • Men are more spicy than the ladies: 7 percent of men said they would try a spicy donut (habanero or sriracha), while only 5 percent of women would

The year of Donuts continues.


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