January 25, 2016

Dripo: Make an Ice Cold Frappe on the Go...

Let's have a cold iced frappe, why not? Dripo by Emerge Lab is a rare apparatuses dedicated to preparing cold coffee. Dripo can prepare your favorite beverage in two different ways.


Assemble the Dripo into an iced-drip apparatus, having chilled water dripping through your ground coffee, or a cold brew, where your coffee is immersed in cold water. Both techniques are healthy and will make your coffee tastier. Once you’re done making your coffee, the Dripo is nice enough to convert into a super handy tumbler that you can carry on the go!


The Dripo is the most portable coffee maker out there. Plus with no mechanical parts or electric power required, you can literally have your freshly made coffee wherever and whenever you feel.


Categories: Appliances


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