March 08, 2015

Egyptian's Salé Sucré Expands to Dubai

Egyptian pâtisserie Salé Sucré expands to Dubai. Nestled in Avenue Mall, the store promises an array of freshly baked high quality pastries and desserts to be shared at every occasion.


Since its conception in 1999, Salé Sucré Pâtisserie has become a respected and firm favourite household name of Egypt’s most elite and humble. The 17 stores peppered across Cairo and Alexandria supply an unrivalled selection of delights using only the finest ingredients sourced from across the world promising consistency and quality, and this Dubai addition is no exception.


Osama Heikal, Managing Partner at Salé Sucré Pâtisserie, explains, “After our success in Egypt, we expanded into the UAE with a vision to become one of the leading pâtisserie brands across the Middle East. Our Dubai branch continues to uphold our commitment to provide a diverse product range suitable for any occasion or celebration, guaranteed freshness and competitive prices to ensure our customers can truly indulge. We are confident that this new store will bring with it significant value whilst supporting our continued growth of customer loyalty. The move conforms with our expansion plans to open our doors to new communities in prime commercial locations.”

The Pastry Chef and team of experts who have been working with the brand since its inception work around the clock to ensure every morning the store’s shelves are replenished with delectable delicacies ready to be scooped up in their pristine boxes for celebratory occasions, leisurely afternoon teas, after school treats or exquisite dinner party offerings.“We placed importance on investing in a team of pastry chefs who possess the exact know-how, precision and creativity which ensures our products are created using the highest calibre of production for any occasion,” adds Heikel.

The 60sqm store in Dubai offers customers Oriental favorites and over 30 mouthwatering Cake temptations.The Mono Portion boasts an array of éclairs and tartlets ideal for those toothsome cravings. For a touch of panache, opt for all-the-rage Verrinespresented in charming glass pots or the beautifully packagedMacaronsthat come in10 delicious flavours. For groups or sharing en famille, both the Minis and Petit Four are crowd pleasers with their bite-size treats.

On top of this, Salé Sucré Pâtisserie offers bespoke cakes tailored to any occasion and fashioned by skilled cake decorators who hand draw and hand sculpt icing into whatever design you desire, whether it be for a child’s birthday party, corporate event or a wedding cake.

With the aspiration to constantly meet the demands of their customers, Salé Sucré Pâtisserie has plans to launch additional products to the menu and introduce a delivery service in the near future for its recent Dubai store.

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