January 26, 2021

Everyday Essentials for Any Coffee Lover

Coffee, to many, is a fundamental form of liquid gold; a necessity in order to activate our normal functions throughout the day. But occasionally, you may find that your vital morning coffee routine can get repetitive and mundane. Flip19, the online marketplace that provides essential items for everyday life, is here to stir things up and give your morning coffee a splash of excitement.

Flip19 - Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso machine in Artic Blue, AED 299_3

Whether you need a new step in your routine, a gift idea for a coffee fanatic or are looking to expand your collection, Flip19 will make that first sip even more special. Covering all the basics, the e-retailer also has an array of unique coffee gadgets, tools and more to heat up your morning routine.

Flip19 - PORTOBELLO- Collapsible Cup- Matt Black Finish, AED 99_2

Find these inspiring coffee must-haves, as well as a further range of essential items from small businesses – for your home, children, stationery needs, gadgets and toys – all on Flip19.com, the newest online marketplace that is invested in creating solutions for everyday life.

Flip19 - THAT! Therma Glass Black, 320ml:10oz, AED 99_1





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