August 15, 2015 Lebanon Middle East

Famous Saint Mary Sanctuaries Around Lebanon: The Adventure in One Day...

As Lebanon celebrates the Assumption of the Virgin Mary into Heaven with prayers, family gathering and fireworks, we at NoGarlicNoOnions traveled the country's most impressive churches dedicated to the Virgin Mary in just one day.

We have accepted the challenge, the challenge to visit the most famous Saint Mary sanctuaries in Lebanon in a single day. A premiere in Lebanon, 600 kilometers traveled in 16 hours starting, 11 sanctuaries spotted, 7 food spots visited. We started in Beirut at 5am and ended the trip at 11pm.

From Tyre to Arz, Shouf, Bekaa and Keserwan we take you into Lebanon's most beautiful churches to discover more about them... Join us on this special experience...

Discover the churches:

  1. Saydet el Behar, Tyre
  2. Saydet el Mantara, Maghdoushe
  3. Saydet Mashmoushe, Mashmoushe
  4. Saydet el Maabour, Jezzine
  5. Saydet el Talleh, Deir el Kamar
  6. Saydet Zahle, Zahle
  7. Saydet Bechwet, Deir el Ahmar
  8. Saydet el Hosn, Ehden
  9. Saydet Harissa, Tannourine
  10. Saydet el Nourieh, Hamate
  11. Saydet Lebnen, Daroun Harissa



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