August 01, 2014 Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Gordon's: Prime Beef Burger Followed by Premium Pain Perdu (Restaurant Closed)

I went to Gordon’s Cafe with an aim in mind. I wasn't there for a complete review, but I wanted to try their burger to add to my list... I think you know by now that I'm on the search for the finest burgers … and why not, since I was there I thought I would indulge in their pain perdu as well...


Gordon's "Grass-fed prime beef burger" is known to be a really good burger with an English touch, using English cheddar cheese, a fine 180g piece of meat, ripened tomatoes and pork bacon.

Gordon's burger is an experience not to miss. It starts way before you bite into it. An oval plate lands on the table with a generous portion of fries and the burger itself. Inside the bun is a thick, juicy piece of prime beef topped with a thin slice of melted cheddar cheese. Mayonnaise and grain mustard sauce spread on both buns add a certain juiciness, making of this burger a unique and different one. I loved the crunchiness of the bacon and its saltiness as well as the slight crunchiness of the bun covered with butter and grilled afterwards; though I didn't like the chewiness of the bun, and the lettuce used as is with its crunchy heart, as well as for the tomato slices that were too thick for the burger. With such a fine piece of meat and a premium bun of this kind, this burger could be one of the best ever. If they used a thinner slice of tomato, emptied the upper bun, and removed the lettuce core, it’d be perfect. In any case, I loved it and would eat it as is.


Pain perdu followed... I was really not expecting it to be that good, but it should have been on top of my best pain perdu list.


The pain perdu at Gordon's is to die for... I wish I discovered it earlier. A perfectly round piece of bread, airy and light, is topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, walnuts and caramel on the side. Add the great, consistent caramel and indulge in a fine piece of a heavenly creation. A soft bun that melts under your teeth like ice on a hot surface, soaked in milk and eggs without being sweet and without dripping around. Close your eyes and be transported into a world of wonders. A fine softness caresses your palate while the crunch provided by the fresh almonds differentiate this pain perdu from all others in town. Warm and soothing, wait until you reach the ice cream, that’ll wake you up! Beware of moaning indistinctly... I'd heard that Gordon's pain perdu was awesome but I was not expecting something like that. A must try for sure.


A yummy burger followed by a luscious pain perdu and here I was with two new entries into the country's finest selection. I encourage you to try them.





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