September 23, 2012

Hotel Au Vieux Panier, France

Imagine staying at a room that's loudly just half colored. This half white, half graffiti-covered interior can be admired at the Au Vieux Panier hotel in Marseille, France.

Each of the five rooms of the hotel are annually redesigned by artists, graphic designers, and painters from all over, each of them lending a unique style to the interiors. This Graffiti-styled room was named “the Panic Room” and was created by artist Tilt featuring Tober, Grizz and Don Cho. Painted over the walls, mirror, bed, ceiling and floors, vividly colored bombs, tags and throw-ups stop right in the middle of the room, where the boring, white half begins.

Each room has its own artist:

The artists, graphic designers, and painters from different locations and environments, were invited to design each room in the house in a short lasting style, in making each project something close to their style.?Each, in its own way, succeeded in creating an amazing, distinct, and audacious atmosphere.

A unique and comfortable trip:

Peaceful rooms sheltered from the noises of the town.?The rooms characterize themselves by their differences in design. Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large, each person will find the room best suited towards its own lifestyle.?With their differences they have their similarities: each is custom equipped, with, HIFI, air-conditioning, a private toilet and in-room shower.

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