April 23, 2020

How Restaurants Can Minimize the Impact of COVID-19

Life will not the same after COVID'19 ends. Corona Virus has taken over the entire world. Every business, industry, shop has closed down to restrict the diffusion of COVID'19. From individuals to higher authorities, every single entity is taking safety measures to save themselves and the people around them from this pandemic. Economy downfall, financial risks are haunting the businessmen and employees. Even the restaurants are facing huge losses due to world lockdown.

Research suggests that there have been approximately 50% reductions in dining out and, people are shifting towards healthy eating. Vegetables and fruits are excellent for the immune system considering the present situation. Restaurants will have to make a lot of effort to recover for the impact of COVID"19 pandemics.    

Guide for Reducing The Impact Of COVID'19 On Restaurants

We all are aware that business has been immensely affected due to coronavirus, and restaurants are impacted the most. No one has any idea how long this condition will last. We are presenting you guide through which restaurants can reduce their revenue impact and make most of the situation by building excellent relations with the customers. 

1.     Creating a Safe Spot for the Visitors  

The primary step for the restaurants is to make their food place safe for the customers. Presently, people are more concerned about hygiene and sanitizing everything. Take precautionary measures and make the whole space clean. This spreading of the virus can be prevented if every single thing around you is sanitized. Take special care of the counters, table, chairs and doors that are touched by a lot of people. Give all your employees safety masks and gloves for their protection.

Use disinfectant in your restaurant to make your place safe from this virus. Increase the distance among all the tables and show it to the people. Keep a sanitizer on every table along with disinfectant napkins. Brief it through various platforms and show people the safety measures you are implementing in your restaurants to make it a secure spot for them. 

2.     SOP For Social Distancing

Paste attention-seeking poster outside your restaurant and show the guests your practices for social distancing. Moreover, stick posters containing handwashing instructions and social distancing practices for on-site purposes.

3.     Training the Employees

Imagine you have not closed down your restaurant during this pandemic, and people are still visiting your restaurants for taking away. Suddenly, one of your clients start coughing, and you have no idea how to handle the situation. Therefore, it is the duty of restaurant employers need to plan accordingly and train the staff to effectively deal with sick clients.

Check the customer's temperature before they enter and deny those people who refuse to cooperate. Give the guest sanitizer immediate they settle down on the tables. Provide PPE's (personal protective equipment) to your employees for their own protection as well as for keeping others safe. Have plenty of napkins and medical aid ready to offer the sick person. 

4.     Affiliate Marketing

This is one of the best tips that can help you earn during this bad situation. Opt for affiliate marketing. Offer an incentive to individuals and promote your food items through them. This will help other people in earning as well. Your product is the food; all you need to do is grab the people attention towards your food items drive revenue through it. 

5.     Preferring Guest Reservation

Due to lockdown, the ratio of dining in has considerably reduced. Allow the guest to make reservations and limit the number of bookings per day to avoid much crowd inside the restaurant. Improvise your cancellation policies and consider offering a wavier to your guest in case they cancel the booking. Another approach is to fully utilize third party channels and make a greater number of inventories reservable across booking channels.  Show the guest that you are doing your best to make the place secure for them. You can even announce some deals to attract clients or rewards that would attract their attention to your restaurant. 

6.     Analyzing Cost Saving Opportunities

Many companies and food chains are working toward reducing their expenses, and the first thing they do is reduce the number of employees. Rather than opting for this approach find other ways through which you can save money. Reduce your number of purchases as well as cut down a few items from the menu. Reduce the amount of food prepared on a daily basis. Partner with another food chain and share resources with each other. This will not only save costs but avoid the wastage of food.

 7.     Support Food Delivery

Due to this lockdown situation, people prefer social distancing due to which they prefer to stay home. Even if they are craving pizza for burgers, they are avoiding going out and buy themselves. This is the best time for you to allow your clients to easily place their order and deliver them to their homes. Give the riders makes and gloves to create a good impression on the buyer. Ensure that the food delivery is contactless as it will be good for both the worker and the buyer. Just like buy an essay online is offering contactless services, you can go for this approach as well. 

8.     Personalized Marketing and Promotions

Engaging clients during social distancing will be very hard for restaurants. Owners should stay connected by promoting their food chain through social media platforms, adds, and your website. Reach out to your customers through emails and messages to let them know about deals you are offering in this social distancing and how you are implementing safety precautions.  



We all know that this present situation is difficult for everyone. Not only huge businesses are suffering, but restaurants are highly influenced due to lockdown. Make your space safe and secure as well as promote cleanliness to build a good impression. By following the guidelines, you can reduce the impact of COVID'19 on your food business.

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