September 11, 2015

How to Drink Wine Without Wasting the Bottle

Ever felt like drinking just a glass of wine when the bottle is closed... More often than once. What should we do with the rest of the bottle?  It's a pity... to waste the whole bottle just like that... For centuries, the cork had to be removed in order to enjoy a glass of wine-that era is over.


The Coravin System is a transformational new technology that allows users to pour wine whiling keeping the cork in the bottle, where it's been since it was first sealed in the winery. Now you can enjoy your favorite and finest wines by the glass whenever you like, and feel confident that your wine will be protected until the next glass is poured.< Now you can share and enjoy the same bottle, or bottles on multiple occasions, over weeks, months, or even longer - without wasting a drop. How do we do it? When the Coravin System is put in place, a thin, hollow needle is inserted through the cork to extract the wine. The bottle is then pressurized with argon, an inert gas that's in the air we breathe. Once the bottle has been pressurized, the wine flows through the needle and pours into your glass. Once your wine is poured, the needle is removed, and the cork reseals itself.

The Coravin System will work best with natural cork closures, including closures made of agglomerated or multi-piece natural cork. It is not intended for use on synthetic closures since they are unlikely to re-seal completely. If you do use the system with a synthetic closure, store the bottle upright afterwards. Synthetic closures will permit some oxidation, and may result in leakage when stored or poured. The Coravin 1000 System cannot be used with metal, glass or screw top closures.





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