December 11, 2013

How's Alexa Treating You? Foods to Keep You Warm

Ok so I'm guessing Alexa's here...or is it Yorgo? Not sure... one thing I'm sure off is the fact that it is extremely cold. The joy of being cozy and all tucked in at home, enjoying on some munchies that we can call comfort food. But did you know that there are some foods out there that actually help turn up the temperature in your body? As already known, hot foods like soups, stews and pies are heavily associated with keeping warm in winter, but let's high light a few things worth eating a lot off these few days...


Whole grains – make some soup and load it with whole grains, think oats, barley, quinoa, and brown rice. These items are comprised of complex carbohydrates and therefore take more effort to break down than simple carbohydrates. Vegetables – although you would imagine vegetables triggering cold, but the fact is that these leafy greens known for their iron, and Vitamin C rich, crank up the temperature in your body.  Think carrots, pumpkins, turnips and cabbage. Lean Proteins - Try eating more meat during winter. Red meat contains iron that triggers the thyroid hormone to stimulate heat production. Herbs and Spices - cinnamon, ginger and garlic, along with a host of other spices, all pack heat. They boost your metabolism and also carry all sorts of medicinal marvels to keep winter colds at bay. Ginger also promotes blood flow to your extremities, literally helping to keep you warm from your nose to your toes. Stay safe and stay warm NGNO'ers...

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