June 10, 2012

Increase Your Sexuality with Food: Watermelon

Some experts have called watermelon the new Viagra. Well there's no harm in trying, is there?

Bhimu Patil, researcher and director of the Fruit and Vegetable Improvement Center at Texas A&M University, eating watermelon delivers Viagra -like effects to the blood vessels in the body and may even increase libido. "The more we study watermelons, the more we realize just how amazing a fruit it is in providing natural enhancers to the human body," Patil said. "We've always known that watermelon is good for you, but the list of its very important healthful benefits grows longer with each study." Watermelons have naturally occurring nutrients that can produce healthy reactions in the body. One of those nutrients is citrulline, which is converted to arginine through reactions initiated by enzymes. Arginine is a compound known to improve blood circulation throughout the entire body.

"The citrulline-arginine relationship helps heart health, the immune system and may prove to be very helpful for those who suffer from obesity and type two diabetes," Patil said. "Arginine boosts nitric oxide, which relaxes blood vessels, the same basic effect that Viagra has, to treat erectile dysfunction and maybe even prevent it." It's summer and now is the best time to consume these delicious and cool refreshing fruit contains citrulline amino acid. Citruline is good for the cardiovascular system and helps relax the blood vessels that increase sex drive.  

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