November 24, 2014

J Jar: Special Homemade Preparations

It was 6pm at the clinic already and I was waiting for my last patient to arrive. I remembered that I had received a paper bag this morning, which contained three jars… Just looking at the jars made me want to open them immediately...but I had to wait... towards the end of the day, I had that urge to try something new.

J Jar proposes a series of homemade spreads such as Peanut Butter, Tapenades and Pesto ... 


I prepared the setup… Turned on the laptop, got three forks and set the jars in front of me - Presto Pesto, Peanut Butter and Fig Tapenade. 

Let’s start by the aesthetics. Beautifully looking jars generously filled to the top and wrapped with a ribbon holding a rectangular carton. One side includes the name of the Jar and on the other side you’ll find the “paired with” propositions.

  • Presto Pesto: I just had a tiny little bit to taste it and was sure that my wife and friends who will try the mix will be amazed by its flavor and richness. I personally loved the crushed almonds of this green basil mix where the aromas of basil take over. A beautiful texture and premium taste which awaits some olive oil to be served with pasta or spread on a toasted bread. A very tasty mix... Better Paired with Goat cheese, Prosciutto, veggies, crackers or bruschetta, chicken, pasta and eggs 
  • Peanut Butter: A yellowish mix with a smooth consistency. A fresh smell of peanuts ready to be enjoyed. I love the consistency of the naturally crushed peanuts – the jar feels like it’s a bag full of those nuts. An enjoyable taste with a hint of saltiness to end up the experience. Better paired with apple, banana, jams, pretzel, chocolate, cookies and chicken
  • Fig Tapenade: The experience starts as you open the jar where hundreds of aromas, trapped inside explode in happiness around the room. The first bite was love at first sight. A crunch feel of the walnuts, the sweetness of the figs and the acidity of the olives… Sticky figs, fig seeds all mixed into a creation that’s so enjoyable. Close your eyes to feel even more ingredients as the balsamic and spices caresse your palate. Better Paired with Goat cheese, Prosciutto, veggies, crackers or bruschetta, chicken, pasta and eggs. 


Now that I’ve finished my tasting at work, I took the jars back home, to enjoy them further paired with some food items they suggested.

I tried the Fig Tapenade with grilled haloumi –  a perfect match. The mix offers a very nice acidity and a subtle sweetness as an after note that stays in the mouth for long. Try it also with goat cheese, it’s even better. 

I enjoyed the peanut butter on a piece of square bread with jam - exceptional. Do not try eating it alone, it is a bit dry and sticks to your palate but with bread and added with my wife’s fig jam… it was extraordinary!

Bravo! A great homemade sensation offering a premium taste.


Good to know:

The minuses:

  • Where is the expiry date?
  • Nutrition facts are perfect but wouldn't we want to know the ingredients?

Homemade and full of love, those jars are surely recommended. I will be getting the other flavors for some more tasting soon.

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