September 21, 2019 Istanbul Turkey Middle East

Journey Lounge: Buckwheat Pancakes and Soy Milk Granola in Istanbul
Non-smokers friendly


Welcoming: 1/5

Food Temperature: 7/10

Ambiance / Music: 5/10

Menu Choice: 2/5

Food Taste: 17/30

Architecture / Interior: 6/10

Food presentation: 7/10

Service: 1/10

Value for money: 6/10

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Walking the streets of Beyoğlu, up on the hills overviewing Istanbul, I decided to have Journey lounge as my next stop. Trees, wooden furniture, and calm vibes. On the menu, you can find a wide selection of eggs, toasties, sandwiches, and fresh drinks. To change from having coffee, again and again, I ordered an iced tea and cocktail of freshly squeezed juices.


Juice, fresh fruits squeezed a la minute but unfortunately too hot, to be frank: at least put the fruits in the fridge. So I ordered a glass to cool them up. Finger, apple, lemon, and cucumber are an excellent mix if less lemon is used to reduce the strong acidity of the drink.

Fresh and colorful plates loaded with fruits landed on the table. A crunchy mozzarella sandwich, pancakes and fruits and the third of granola and fruits. Large plates, generous portions filled with right ingredients. I liked the granola and soy milk with chunks of fruits and crunchy almonds. I liked the way pancakes are cut in round shapes like cakes -these are not pancakes but more of cakes. Spread the thick fluffy buckwheat spongy cake with double cream, add honey and enjoy. Honey served in a jar, is a mix of wax and honey freshly brought from the beehive.


Very bad service but It’s good, good enough, but below the average of my last two days. 

Journey lounge:





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