December 11, 2014 Hamra & Verdun Beirut Lebanon Middle East

Khass w Bass: Delicious and Nutritious Salads and Sandwiches (Restaurant Closed)

A bizarre name, to say the least, but this restaurant and its healthy direction is guaranteed to amaze you. The people behind "Khass w Bass" loved the old Lebanese saying and put our name to complete it, "NoGarlicNoOnions w bass woul ba2i Khass", so they inverted it and made it their own thing.  


Khass w Bass,  located in Verdun highway facing Mandarine, is not the easiest of places to find. Not a single person on the street could tell us where Verdun Plaza is. To save you some time, it’s next to Scoozi, facing Mandarine, which is now closed. 

The concept is clear, create your own salad and sandwich using fresh and healthy ingredients. On the other hand, you can browse the menu which offers a selection of 18 fine salads, three hearty soups, seven irresistible hot sandwiches and ten flavorful cold sandwiches alongside a choice of breakfast, healthy treats in a cup and smoothies and drinks. 

As you walk in, you are handed a sheet of paper on which you can create your own meal. Choose the salad or sandwich base, make it tastier by adding up to eight basic ingredients, don't forget your favorite protein, add a final delectable touch of cheese and make it perfect with one of their mouthwatering dressings.

Khass w Bass is a small place down the stairs in Verdun Plaza. Inside is a large salad bar that the chefs work their way around, alongside an open kitchen. Facing the entrance is an old trolley covered with different shapes of bright green lettuce.


After we ordered, the waiter went off to prepare the salad himself, leaving his customers waiting. Twenty-five minutes later, we were ready to eat.

  • Kyoto Salad LBP14,000: Shredded crab, shredded carrot, shredded cucumbers, crispy vermicelli and light mayo. That's a Japanese crispy salad without the crisps. Enjoyable, crunchy vegetables and lots of tarama orange bits that explode under the teeth. Behind that is a hidden spiciness, one that's so strong it won't be for everyone. A lovely salad, but the nutrient values on the menu should be amended.


  • KwB Buffalo Salad LBP9,000: Mixed green lettuce, fresh buffalo cheese, black olives, radish, mixed bell pepper, fresh mushrooms, tomato, cucumbers, crispy grissini, sesame and balsamic vinegar dressing. 40 minutes later, we received this salad. A large portion of colorful ingredients, tasty and fresh with a light balsamic vinegar sauce. In the middle is an empty tomato filled with light cream, which forms the main ingredient that makes this salad a main dish. This salad was worth the wait.


  • Mediterranean Shrimp LBP15,000: Marinated grilled shrimp, mixed bell peppers, onions, iceberg lettuce, smoked fresh mozzarella, BBQ sauce and light mayo sauce. I had it in a brown wrap, served toasted and crunchy with an enjoyable chewiness and filled with a watery and spicy mix served hot, like a sauce, and great with rice. I loved the freshness of the vegetables and the generosity of this well equilibrated sandwich. It’s certainly tasty.


  • KwB Roast Beef LBP13,000: Beef sirloin, tomato, crispy iceberg, baby pickles, Dijon mustard, light mayo and KwB dressing. Thick slices of roast beef in a toasted brown bread alongside a warm yogurt sauce. No mayonnaise and no cheese. I loved the sandwich’s contents and crunchiness of the baguette. That's a good sandwich.


The good:

  • I loved the freshness of the place, its content, but not its staff
  • The food is good, fresh, healthy and tasty
  • The dried fruits mixed I bought on my way out will make me come back for more: It's awesome and addictive.

The bad:

  • Please try not to repeat the "don't take pictures" next time. Pictures are free advertisements for your establishment.
  • The service is really bad. Waiters don't take notes and forget the orders.
  • Ask for something and wait... The food was delivered an hour after ordering
  • The food takes time, a really long time, and I believe that's not acceptable for a sandwicheria.
  • When a customer asks for ingredients it's your duty to provide them. Try to avoid the "it's a secret joke" next time. Some people have allergies and need to know the ingredients! 

The verdict: This place offers delicious sandwiches and salads which are worth coming for, but has one of the most unprofessional staff I've ever met in my life. Everyone in here, from the cashier to the waiters, should be sent home or given some courses in hospitality and attitude management. How unfortunate to have a staff "that" bad in a place "that" good...





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