April 02, 2016 Paris France Europe

La Creperie Saint Honore, Paris
Non-smokers friendly
Morning Delights

And my tour around Paris' famous creperies continues. Around Les Hall on the corner of Rue Saint Honore is a place famous for its crepes. Savory or sweet choose between a large selection of revisited mixes. I was happy to be here and I felt that it was going to be good. 


It's a restaurant occupying a corner with tables on the outside on their closed terrace as well as some facing the internal bar. Vegetarian, chicken, cold cuts, seafood and beef, every family has its own title, flambé, with ice cream and sweets. 

Now the crepes; a delicious sarrazin crepe wrapped in a square shape leaving the egg in the middle on display. Chewy cubes of bacon, an egg, molten cheese and spinach. The flavors with the added salt and pepper are exquisite. That's a crepe I surely recommend. I loved it so much that I ate four bites and continued before waking up to be fact that I'm having another discovery tonight. 


Salted caramel followed. A sticky kind of crepe with a straight chewiness filled with this sweet mixture. Served hot, the crepe is a bit dangerous and you might end up with heartburn. A good crepe, but not exceptional like the savory one before it.

La Creperie Saint Honore in Paris has some good tasting crepes.

Suitable For: Morning Delights





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