April 14, 2014

La Petite Maison Celebrates with The Gypsy Queens

Multinational French pop band The Gypsy Queens are celebrating with La Petite Maison foodies the restaurant’s anniversary in Beirut on the 30th of April and the 1st and 2nd of May as of 20h00. Menu à la carte; no band surcharge.


La Petite Maison ambassadors and food-lovers will celebrate in rhythm and vibration the restaurant first anniversary in Beirut with the Gypsy Queens band during three consecutive evenings. The multinational French pop band, especially flown in for the occasion, will blow guests away with international songs performed by the five singers and musicians, while foodies indulge in the marvelous à la carte cuisine.
Didier Casnati, lead singer and band manager says: “We are coming back to Beirut because we love the city. We’re always royally welcomed, and the city is as culturally diverse as the band. We feel very related to Beirut. We also love performing at La Petite Maison because we are served fantastic food, and, that alone, makes our journey an excellent trip.
La Petite Maison is a French Mediterranean restaurant serving light, healthy and delicious classic Niçoise cuisine with a twist. Prepared à la minute with the very best fresh raw ingredients, the meals are the most sensational of Beirut. After Nice, London and Dubai, La Petite Maison is located in Le Vendôme Hôtel. Tel: +961 1 368 300. [email protected] The-Gypsy-Queens-2
The Gypsy Queens is a French pop band, originating from Nice. The five-piece band is an outfit worth seeing, and consists of Didier Casnati (Italian lead singer and front man), Jason King (British double-bassist), Anders Klunderud (Norwegian guitarist and ex- professional footballer), Jay Metcalf (American saxophonist) and Manuel Polin (Mexican drummer).
In Nice, the group played anywhere and everywhere they could, until they landed a residency at “La Petite Maison”, a restaurant favoured by visiting super-rich and showbiz royalty. It is as this point that the Gyspy Queens story takes a decidedly strange turn, the band soon found themselves playing for Bono, Elton John, Rod Stewart, Quincy Jones, REM, Robert De Niro, Chris Martin, Brad Pitt, David Beckham, Prince William and Prince Harry amongst other.
Signed to Universal, the band released on November 2, 2012 its debut album, The Gypsy Queens, which entered the UK Albums Chart at number 46. The album features songs including "L'Americano", "Aicha", "Ventura Highway" and "Marrakesh Express". It also features vocals from Madeleine Peyroux, Graham Nash, Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell, as well as pianist Booker T. Jones. The Gypsy Queens draw from a huge repertoire of classic songs (California Dreaming, Volare, Satisfaction, Unforgettable, Tutti Frutti) and deliver an experience that, more often than not, provokes the sort of full-on sort of hysteria where people leap up to dance on tables and sing along to every chorus. When a band has been playing together for eleven years they learn a lot, not only about themselves, but also about the art of making music and how to create an atmosphere with what it is you make. When that same band has had to live on their wits and their creativity for much of that time, those lessons are even more entrenched. 
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